Friday, July 23, 2010

4th Time is the Charm...

As many of you know especially those folks on my Twitter I've been going crazy to obtain a Hybrid pet. So tonight my good buddy Joshua Wyrmwraith (Compguru1 on Central) was on we both frequent the Merc 4 Hire topic. Anyway he was looking for a Hatching partner I at first wasn't gonna volunteer my Hydra Tigra because I have already made arrangements with my friend Cori Willowhaven (Alura Hexcaster's Myth alt)and her Orthrus Dexter which she raised specifically to hatch with Tigra because I swore an Oath the day I saw the Basilisk Hybrid pet that one day I would own one. Then I thought well everyone I hatch with seems to get the hybrid while I don't so I'll just help out a friend and get him a Hybrid turns out though Lady Luck was on my side and I obtained me a Reaver pet ;D named Miss Xena which hatches in 20 hours. I also think I hit the Jackpot with this pet it got Epic talents from both its parents and has a nice 55 Pedigree which is good as I often see Hybrid pets with a 50-52 Pedigree. BIG Thanks to Joshua and his Wraith Lillie and a BIG sorry to Cori don't worry though Alura I'll get the gold back soon I promise please don't strangle me! x Gets down on hands and knees and begs x Here are some Screen shots of the results :D
Don't think for a second folks it ends here Oh no I will own me a Basilisk Hybrid pet even if it kills me with it Deadly gaze! If you think 240,000 gold wasted so far is alot you don't know the lengths I'll go to get the Basilisk even if it costs me over 1,000,000 Gold to get it I will! Alura would probably laugh at this she always says "Alric you and your pets!"

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Love the reaver, just like the Grimtooth I need!!! Heck, it's better than farming the Gurtok a 1,000 times...