Friday, July 16, 2010

Life A Palooza: Gotta love those Life school pets :D

This is sort of an update of what I've been doing In-game. So like all people these days I've been obsessed with collecting pets,mixing them,raising them etc the whole shebang. Now one thing I can say for certain is Death school pets (Pfft curse that school sometimes j/k) don't like me whatsoever I spent nearly a week farming the stubborn General Greystone for the Death cyclops pet to no avail. I also did the same thing in the Tree of Life farming Kagemoosha for the Death Bat and the Death Oni for a Leprechaun. Well last night again Life pulled through for me again and the Death Oni dropped a little Irish Myth called the Leprechaun Yay :D. Now if you hadn't heard over Twitter or his site The Two-Headed Wizard Arlen Dawneyes,Fallon Moongem,Heather Raven from The Wandering Conjurer (such a cool name for a site.),and of course myself helped Arlen's Storm Alt Mycin take on the Hall of Valor needless to say we won and I won too, a new awesome Life bat and a fourth Zombie pet to the disappointment of Arlen lol. So all I gotta say is Life pets love me and death pets hate me :\ here some screenshots of my new found love of Life pets (don't be mad sorcerers I still love Balance pets few there are more then any other school).

Finally got that little guy boy is it cute :D

All the life up in the Spiral throw your hands up its Life pet love baby! Lol.

Happy Farming!!!

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