Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of the best Vacations EVER.

       In my giddy excitement of obtaining a hybrid pet the following evening I forgot to tell you folks (though most on my twitter knew) about my little vacation I took to Tombstone,Arizona  last Saturday with my two older brothers and my Mother. First off I say mini cause I actually live in the state and its only about an 1 1/2 hours away from my city which I won't say. Anyway first funny my mother seem to have forgotten how to speak the English language as we stopped at a Burger King (I wanted In-N-Out Burger!) and my brother Chris wanted the Tendercrisp sandwich to which my mother said to the drive thru people "uh yes can I get the chicken you know the fried one" to which me and my brothers kept telling her  "Mom say the sandwich" cause the poor drive thru girl didn't understand  and started to list off the things with chicken in it >.< what a disaster! Being the loving boys we are teased my mom on her hiccup the rest of the drive to Tombstone.
     The rest of the ride went relatively smooth with none of us talking much (except to make fun of my mom) as we passed many towns such as Benson and St David. It was quite refreshing cause out there especially near St David people are really into plants and trees. Green was everywhere it also brought into my mind the fact everyone thinks Arizona is some desert wasteland with the only plants being Cactus they couldn't be more wrong. It wasn't a uncommon sight as well to see horses roaming around and locals selling goods from their fields along the roadside and very cheap too except the Beef jerky which was ridiculously expensive. The day was nice as well high clouds keep us cool and shaded from the sun its was perfect!
      As soon as we blew into town we wasted no time showing my older brother Mario all that Tombstone had to offer. First we walked for hours along Fremont St,Allen St,and Toughtnut Rd going into various shops and attractions showing my big bro the ropes me being a Tombstone visiting veteran we went everywhere from the O.K Corral to the Bird Cage theater where after a tour I aptly bought a new ghost story book titled "Haunted Arizona" to add to my collection of the macabre. It was tremendously fun cause I got to experience everything all over again showing my big brother and I felt as if I was visiting the "Town to tough to die" for the first time again. One experience which was truly new for me was our tour of the Good Enough Mine where miner and founder of Tombstone Ed Schieffelin struck it rich with the mine's rich deposits of Silver. We were literally over a 100ft underground and it was amazing Silver veins could still be seen and everything was left as it was as later the mine was no longer worth it to keep it running and was abandoned allowing for the water Table to come back up and flood the lower levels (As I believe I remember the mine actually went down near 800 ft) I took pictures left and right and was in awe of the work these minders had done with nothing more then a hammer,wedge,dynamite,and Candle light. After we left the mines the weather had a surprise for us and it started to rain. I know what you are thinking man that sucks again you are wrong it was extremely delightful the cool rain felt AWESOME! if only cause of a lackluster Monsoon season we've been having this year the only thing missing was a Pina Colada;) After that we all decided we were hungry and had a nice Dinner at the Longhorn restaurant the day went slow from here just us laughing at our sillyness and glad we got to do this. On our way out we stopped by the famous Boot Hill Graveyard and snapped a few pics but soon left on the ride home I feel asleep with the gentle tapping of the rain on the car window what a day!
(Not home right now but I do promise pics from the trip soon )

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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