Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pet Maniac: I've got the itch to mix!

I being the way I am wanting to find new species of pets started doing experiments of my own last week so far they have ended in failures and lost of nearly 200,00 gold now that may seem like EPIC fail to many of you but it isn't this exploration has caused me to raise my pets to Adult and further to get desired Manifestations of Talents and Derby skills. I am determined to find an Ice Bat pet through mixing or at least obtain a Fire Bat pet. plus as an added bonus I've gotten cards for a few of them as well here are some pics I took of My Red Banshee Pet's attack and My Snow Serpent's attack.Enjoy!
I will own an Ice Bat pet that is a promise!


  1. Oh. Firebat is pretty easy: Firecat + Bloodbat.
    Icebat will still be a trial to discover.

  2. Do you reckon mixing a Fang Bat and Inferno Cat would work too?