Monday, July 19, 2010

Petnome Project: Offical relase of Website.

This is fantabulous news with a side of awesome sauce today is the OFFICAL release date of the Petnome Project website. First off hats of to The Petnome Team which includes mastermind Kevin Battleblood and that wandering conjurer (I never can find her she never stays put lol :P)Heather Raven for their dedication and extreme effort in this grand undertaking. Even as I sit here typing this listening to a very cool albeit weird song Lunatic fringe by Red Rider if you were wondering ;) I am still in awe of all the work they have done. Its far from over though as Talents and skills still need to be put in as variables change so will pages so respond to those Petnome E-mails and make sure to send in whenever your 1ST generation pets learn skills and talents to send them in using the form of course. The site will be shortly added to the links pages to your right for easy access. So for now just head over to The Chillanthropologist to say your thanks to Kevin and Petnome team for their amazing work.

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric R.

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