Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Story of Celestia.

Now if you were at Tuesdays show of Ravenwood Radio then you know Leesha Darkheart and her husband who writes for was invited to sit down with Josef Hall and J Todd Coleman and discuss Celestia
Anyone who was there Tuesday got to listen to the interview and see Concept Art for Celestia for those who missed Episode 19 can be downloaded and listened to from the Ravenwood Radio site just click on link.
You'll love this episode for all time I know I do I got in two Chat questions and one question for actual interview (I believed one of the questions I E-mailed was How did they come up with the name for Celestia?) anyway I was lucky enough to win me a Gobbler pet from the contest but that doesn't matter now. Leesha has posted on the Ravenwood Radio site the story of how Celestia came to be and its people. Also gives us insight on The Umbra Queen Morganthe So check it out and thank Overlord Leesha. :)

Link to page: Story of Celestia.

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