Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"The Deathsong of the Wiz Hunters" Episode VIII Upcoming Inspired by Amber Deathsong and other news.

        Late Night News with Alric R.

       Late night luck folks in the very early hours of today as I was looking for a Pyromancer or Thaumaturge stormzillas tried to lead me sway me but I was saved whether it was cause of Bartleby or maybe even Bernie or Ashley my prayers were answered my friend Bailey Skystaff appeared baring gifts of gold and a Helephant. We mixed of course but unfortunately for me Purreau, The god cat of mixes was in favor of Bailey I got another hydra (Not a complete lost this one has a 54 Pedigree) but Mrs Skystaff was able to get herself a Plague Oni hybrid congratz Bailey.

         More late night goodness after I decided to farm Jade Oni me and my friends The lovely captivating and stubborn Alura Hexcaster (Balance) her baby fire wizard Jordan Duskflame and our good buddy Joshua Wyrmwraith on his alt Storm wizard Joshua Wyrmcloud promptly owned the green monster about our 6-9th Battle the Jade Oni after almost a year of stubbornness decided to give me the Jade Oni pet :D needless to say I was happy. Also Alura got lucky too at the Gurtok Demon and procured for herself an Ianthine Spectre and the title of "Minion Mistress' gratz my lovely queen you deserve it.

      Lastly but certainly the most important as I was chatting with Bailey she told me of how the Friendly Necromancer family really enjoys my comic needless to say to myself I had no idea they enjoyed it as much as they do. Especially their daughter Amber Deathsong I must admit I was extremely flattered and was blow away by what Bailey told me so the next episode is named in her honor and will be dedicated to Amber and all I can say is look for One or several cameos from Amber in the comic all this still reminds me everyday what great people make up the W101 community.

See ya the drawings are calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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