Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wanna be in my comic? Now is your chance!

I decided on the last page of the comic I will add a audience of wizards who will "watch" the final parts of Fame At A Price. I am doing this cause I want to include those loyal fans who read my comic as I often receive E-mails or Direct messages asking if I can add people to the comic. This is a race however and the first 5 people to E-mail,Tweet,or Comment here are in and no one else. Also I will need a Screen shot of your character for reference. After the five are chosen no one else can join and all entries after are null and void. Episode 8 will be the most ambitious of all my episodes and I plan to send Friendly & Bailey out with and big BANG!

(Entries closed no longer accepting congratz to the five fast enough to contact me)
-Fallon Shadowblade
-Heather Raven
-Cassandra Dragonheart
-Connor Mistblade
-Wolf Winterstaff

See ya folks the pets are calling,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Wolf your in and the last entry congratz :D be sure to E-mail me a Pic of your character preferably one in the start menu before you log in Thank you.