Friday, September 3, 2010

I claim thee as my companion the mightiest of the Unicorn race - The Grove Unicorn

Despite friendly's obvious favoritism of Unicorns especially Death Unicorns I have obtained the true lord of horses the Grove Unicorn. Special thanks to my good friend and fellow member of B.A.C.K Kevin Battleblood for providing one of his Super pig pets for this hatch. I couldn't be more pleased with the results Miss dexter inherited Spell proof as a possible talent and still kept a rare talent hopefully something like Life giver or proof would be nice :). Anyway I was thinking of a name change what do you folks think?

In other pet news it's been awhile since I posted about Mister Roxy the Fatezilla I obtained some time ago while here is a update he is Ancient and on his way to EPIC and has garnered some impressive mixed stats check it out!
See folks you don't always need a high pedigree pet for a good pet look at Mister Roxy he only has a 46 Pedigree and look at those decent stats. Balance-It is at 4% Pip O plenty at 4% and Storm giver at 6%. So folks my question is to you what pet do you own has nice stats and has a Pedigree under 50.

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

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