Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two rings for the king and queen under the snowy sky! (Briskbreeze success!)

     Yesterday me and my girls (Cassandra Dragonheart + SorceressMiklai as her Ice alt Sabrina Frostshard) along with Kenneth Stormtamer scaled the Briskbreeze tower in an attempt to pluck our rings from Orrick's deathly hand. The fight was formidable Orrick had many tricks up his tattered sleeves but unfortunately for him I had two ancient powers on my side along with a mighty strong diviner. As being Mercenaries Cass and Alura (Miklai) have faced off against this sinister foe many times over and have mastered the art of taking down guardnapping wraiths. In the end we prevailed with the might of Talos and the hunter's skill of Hircine. It only took us bout 3 runs for both me and Sabrina to get our respective rings The Jewel of Nulification and The Ring of Winterbite. Although on our first run Orrick in his defeat gave me Sabrina's ring to which she promptly accused me of stealing it and brought up old stuff about my apparent skill for getting her items from bosses. Sigh Women!


  1. Happens quite often with me and my friend when we go farming for stuff. I always get his drops, and he mine.

  2. I love the fact that i have NO alt -- because I am just Cass -- and you NEVER bother with my school :P

  3. sigh your just like Dee technicalities Cass so :p fine everyone it was the true Cass her first wiz a pyromancer hot head or is it hot air LOL- Alric ravensinger