Monday, December 13, 2010

Bosses are dropping nuts! Or is it the drops are nuts?

    So the last few days I have been farming vigorously to support my newly rekindled passion in Housing! First it was with my buddy Talon Ogreflame (His Storm alt is Talon Skysinger) in the Trial of Spheres what a nice cool run I never knew I had so many people who liked me it was quite touching. Anyway the run was smooth and I won Crown seed after seed Mostly Silver Trumpet vines and Pink Dandelions but my most exciting catch of the night was the cool and new CL item called the Sun Icon (Dropped by Mithraya) it'll go perfectly in my Storm.

    Second farming endeavor was more bountiful not to mention was with excellent company! It was me, buddy Missy, and Kevin Battleblood we tackled the Stormriven bosses for some awesome-sauce drops. Both kevin and missy snagged wands and of course Crown seed drops much to kevin's pleasure. What was not a pleasure at all was our Matriarch of the evening - Missy had to leave :'( but it was OK in the end we had Help from The Wandering Conjurer Heather Raven who rocked that platform with her awesome critical Medusa hits! All in all it was a spectacular night and ended with yours truly being a proud owner of a Spinyfish pet courtesy of Cuthalla (Dagroloth).

See ya folks it's time to farm!,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. Thank you. :) I love critical. :D Congrats on the fishy!