Monday, July 25, 2011

Vanishing Act

Hello wizards,

 I am sure you are wondering where the Kraken I have been? Remember the "I'm going to Texas" and "Arizona Owns Texas" post down below? Yeah I got to Texas and all outside connections and commitments (Other than my family <3) went out the window. Simply put I apologize for falling off the face of the earth when I said I wouldn't. Let me explain though once I got here my mindset completely changed.

Now for those of you married or in a relationship you might get me in fact I am counting on it. Once I got here to Texas I wanted nothing more than to just spend time with my lady love (@SorceressMiklai on Twitter A.K.A Alura Hexcaster). I know I am a sucker for love. I'm not the overly tough "doesn't cry" guy. I am multidimensional I am tough but I ain't ignorant to my feelings. For those guys reading this going "Blasphemy" I say this; "One day kid, we you get your own girl you'll understand"

  There is a new life that springs forth when you are with that special one. Needless to say I been spending most of my time with her. I also of course am slowly getting to know her family -- I think me and her sister are hitting it off rather well despite our musical differences. (Hip hop lover -.-)
One thing I can absolutely say about Texas itself? It's hot and humid here which isn't a great combination. As my tia Cassandra Dragonheart says I'm a Desert Rat my comfort zone is among desert, cactus, lizards, mountains, and freak monsoon weather. I do NOT like humidity one bit I want the dry clean air of Arizona.

As for in game goes it hasn't happened -- much. Although I am now a self-proclaimed Doodle Dug master. I have gotten every pet and wand available from KIfreegames minus that elusive Storm Beetle and Umbra Blade. I have time though to accomplish these last two feats or else  cheat and order from a Code shop from Wizard101 Central. I also have been updating The Petnome Project as we celebrate our birthday this month with various contests.

As for everything else? well I am not worried at this moment. I am solely focused on enjoying my time here. However for those readers who are anxious to see me back I return home to Arizona on August 8th after staying in TX for 2 months. Once home it's back on the last lane with Fame at a Price 2 and other projects. So until then I say in a melodramatic tone "wait for me my friends, (insert exaggerated sob here) wait for me"

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger