Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Ole' News

Howdy folks it's your favorite Balance wizard (Don't fight it Ronan and John). I have some exceptionally great news for you all; I am heading to Texas. For a while I'll be in "The Lone Star State" wrestling bulls and showing those Texans how we Arizonans roll! No just kidding (AZ would win!) I ain't going to go pick a fight I am going to further my IRL relationship with Alura Hexcaster and I didn't want to leave off the map without informing you all. This isn't a goodbye though it's a I'll be blogging and gaming in the land of steakhouses and world famous barbeques. Heck maybe I'll even be able to visit KingsIsle and do a interview or something (wishful thinking).

That's my IRL big ole' news for y'all another little bit is check out SpikeTV June 6th @ 3:30 PM ET/ 12:30 PM PT for E3 2011. If you don't know what E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is well you are missing out it's the world's greatest gaming expo where every developer and game company show off their new stuff.

In other news of epic proportions Fallon Shadowblade over at Diary of a Wizard has announced the details for the highly anticipated social event known as the 2nd annual Ravenwood Ball. It's a massive social event for all wizards of MMO Wizard101 to attend and have fun. In celebration of this superb event DOAW is giving away a plethora of prizes. Each prize has graciously been donated by wizards, twizards, sites, and W101 itself. It's sure to be the biggest event of 2011 barring the announcement of a new world. Head over to Diary of a Wizard to enter for prizes and RSVP the event which will happen June 25th, 2011. Be sure to dress to impress! I will be taking my sweetheart Alura Hexcaster and I hope to see you all there~

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hard workin' wizard

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of stories and posts in general lately I have been a busy sorcerer. First off in case you didn't see on Twitter me and my darling Alura Hexcaster are officially part of the The Petnome Project team. Although honestly you could of seen me editing pages weeks ago but now I am O-fficial. That has taken up some of my time editing a pet genome database is serious business folks and I take it as such. I'd like to also thank my very good friend and mentor Kevin Battleblood for allowing me to help out. I have always been a supporter of Petnome and it's cause(s) which are for the community and by the community.

I also have been brushing up on my knowledge of Tamriel and the Elder Scrolls as I anticipate Skyrim's release however I wont say anymore on this matter. This. Is. Wizard101. In game the bulk of my time has been spent in the Waterworks getting both my Legendary Storm and Pyromancer their Lv 60 gear. I also have been spending time in the land of the Kroks on my Death wizard Morgrim "Morty" Shadowshade. He a few days ago now finished up Krokotopia and is in now Marleybone.

I also want to announce that I am now a Moderator on Diary of a Wizard forums I want to also give a big thanks to Fallon Shadowblade for allowing this diary kid to help out with a staple site in our community. Second I want you all to head over to DOAW May, 29th 2011 as details will be given for this year's Ravenwood Ball! woot! Although I can't give details I think it's safe to inform you all of a big change/surprise headed to Diary of a Wizard. This new change is huge and is a collaboration of many people including yours truly. Needless to say we are improving for the sake of a community we love; the Wizard101 community.

Finally for those who are avid readers and enjoy a great fanfic I have exclusively received the next chapter in "Prophecy of Blades" by the lovely Lady Blade. As many of you know she is my hermana and a close companion of mine. I do hope you all enjoy what's has been written therein she is a fantastic writer! I am sure Blaze Stormthief will be like ZOMG once he reads the new installment. I will also update my Fanfiction page with her story. This however is only a taste of the full chapter. Enjoy!
Prophecy of Blades
Chapter 6
"After they cleaned the classroom, Tristan invited everyone to his house for supper since it was too late for lunch.  Tristan turned out to be a pretty good cook.  He made a delicious stew and fresh bread.  The three visiting wizards inhaled deeply as the smell crept into the sitting room.  Even the house seemed to be happily groaning as the aroma wafted through the halls.  While Tristan prepared supper, Heather and Destiny filled Alexis in on all that had happened.  She listened silently and intently. 

“So let me get this straight!”  Alexis said as they began to eat.  “Lord Nightshade, Tristan’s ancestor, is the one who started the Titan War.  The Great Raven, Bartleby’s sister, told you in person that she is the one who imprisoned him and there is a prophecy hidden behind a giant rock in Sunken City’s Death tower that tells how he can be freed but you need three people with Blade in their last name holding three Dragonspyre Blades and Tristan to reveal it?”  She sat back in the chair, folded her arms and stared in disbelief. 

“Something like that.”  Tristan answered as he tossed a piece of stew soaked bread to a begging Ruth.  “Only you make it sound like we are crazy.”

Alexis gave a sharp laugh at this response.  “I make it sound crazy?  Would you believe me if I told that same story to you?” 

Tristan clamped his hand over Destiny’s mouth before she could reply with a smart answer.  “I guess it does sound farfetched but the question at hand is do you believe us?”

Alexis started to answer but a knock at the door stopped her.  Tristan opened it and Grandmother Raven walked in.  “Now I do.”  Alexis said, completely shocked."
Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alexander and Wintertusk!

So as many of you are know I sped through Wintertusk on my main wizard Alric Ravensinger (By sped I mean finished quickly -- sort of took roughly 6-7 1/2 hours). Now as a few might know I also have a Pyromancer named Alexander Ghostflame who two mornings ago was Lv 49 and in the Crucible area of Dragonspyre. Yesterday morning however he was officially Lv 58 and completed with Wintertusk. That's right I finished up Grizzleheim long time ago and pretty much power leveled Alexander just on Wintertusk quests. I wasn't alone however I did have help from the awesome Paige MoonShade and in spirit Alura Hexcaster as I used her pyromancer Jordan to help me out.

Many saved citizens and revived Thanes later Alexander had finished up Wintertusk hit Level 58 obtained his Efreet spell and his Phoenix pet all the while having yet to face that villain Malistaire or even step foot in Celestia -- yeah Wintertusk gives THAT MUCH experience. Here are some screenshots from the Efreet summon and obtaining of the Phoenix pet as well as a second run of Nastrond I did with Alura Hexcaster now that's a big dragon! Enjoy!

Finally I would like to share with all you readers two things first Alexander's new look I know he looks pretty snazzy if not like a bunch of other legendary pyromancers (That's a joke! ;)) and second a glimpse at a secret new housing project I am working on code named: "Wintertusk" hopefully sometime soon I can unveil it or have someone showcase it *cough* Paige *cough* who by the way still has yet to *cough* showcase my CL Obvs *cough* ;) that's all for now everyone oh yeah did I mention I am up to nearly 50 Waterworks runs man I love that instance!

Until next time your friend and housing guru,
Alric Ravensinger

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mamma-Jamma

Hey folks I know it's been awhile since I have posted honestly I been on the under realm (Wiz substitute for underground) test realm that is training for Petnome Project. Then it happened Wintertusk went into the live realm and guess who was up at 2:34 AM in the morning? that's correct me! It was strictly a solo run for me except for a few fights and as mentioned by The Friendly Necromancer I finished Wintertusk that morning at 10:11 AM PDT.

That wasn't however the bulk of it all I also have been running a "Waterworks Marathon" of sorts over the last day or so. First off I wanna give a big thanks to Katherine Lightwalker for showing me how to maximize potential hits and cut the time taken to do the dungeon by 75% (Our runs lasted between 1 hour and 9 min to 1 hour and 15 min.). To date I've ran the Waterworks around 18-19 times some of it is even detailed in videos made by my good friend Kevin Battleblood.

(First boss fight against Luska Charmbeak)
(Final Boss fight against Sylster and the gang)
Both detail live the best way to go about defeating the bosses commentary mostly by me and Kevin honestly though it was just a friend run. The spoils of my new kinship with the Waterworks has yielded me impressive statistics on my main wizard; Alric Ravensinger check em out! 
This is Alric with full Lv 60 gear equipped and his crafted ring and athame along with his superb Nightwalker Lady Gracie equipped. Here are some more spoils from the Waterworks nearly 26 (Counting today's run) MEGA snacks which I have been putting to good use. (This page is only Rank 8 snacks and not even rank 9)

Another notable drop from the Waterworks are Balance Mastery Amulet (Which Alric can't use -.-) and 2 pieces of the Baconator outfit.
Finally I cannot forget Alric has felt the winds of change and so ditch his old threads for something more....sophisticated. Let's not forget about Lady Chelsea as well she is my new Judgement pet I adore her so.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The depths of Nastrond

Hello wizards today's lesson with be on a Nidhoggr or Nithogg as it's sometimes called which is a giant dragon (sometimes a serpent or both) which dwells in Nastrond gnawing at the roots of Yggdrasil.
Now in Wintertusk Nordri (whom with his kin I consider vikings or perhaps Jotunn [giants]) task the player with retrieving a tooth from Nithogg who gnaws at the roots of the great tree Grandmother Raven resides on.
It's peculiar that they decided to use this tree as the the one Nithogg gnaws on cause as the legend goes it was Yggdrasil Nithogg gnawed at which would mean Nithogg below here should be gnawing at Bartleby's roots beneath Ravenwood.
There is a connection to be made though from this pairing it involves 3 parties (technically 4) Nithogg, Ratatoskr, and Vethrfolnir.
  • Ratatoskr was a squirrel which ran down the length of Yggdrasil carrying gossip to Vethrfolnir and a great eagle from Nithogg and back down to Nithogg my theory on the squirrel is it's tied to Nithogg. In all various cultures and mythologies fights and feuds rise usually at the implication of a person who wishes to see both parties fight for some cause. A perfect example of this is in Wizard101 Kol Shadowsong and The Coven in general used trickery and manipulation to pit the bear clans against the wolf clans. Usually this person will also lie, break promises, and even commit murder to see that their goals are achieved. (This is just a theory in general as such creature doesn't appear in the game)

  • Nithogg who gnaws at Yggdrasil also lives in Nastrond a place of corpses, snakes, and poisonous rivers. Nastrond itself means Dead Shore Nithogg is said to reside here were he gnaws at one of the 3 roots but Nithogg also has another purpose he also devours the souls of murderers and Oath breakers. Now if you've read my theory on Ratatoskr you'll start to see the connection here. Ratatoskr is just the type of creature that Nithogg would devour. As in all cultures Murderers and Oath breakers are always promised the worse punishment also consider this Nastrond is located in or close to Helheim. Which is the Norse equivalent of the underworld
  • Vethrfolnir was a hawk that sat between the eyes of a great nameless eagle who sat you guessed it atop Yggdrasil now while it quarreled with Nithogg (Mostly due to Ratatoskr's gossip) the great eagle was knowledgeable and knew many things. Theories say that this was a reference to Huginn and Muninn who were Odin's ravens who traveled the world gathering all news to Odin. Vethrfolnir is said to play a similar role delivering the world's news to the great eagle. Although Ravens aren't in this legend (other than reference; symbolism) I think it's safe to say the parallels between the knowledge of the great eagle and Grandmother Raven are quite apparent. Even the Raven race in Wizard101 is one of mysticism and cunning which Grandmother Raven is a part of.  
I think KI is getting more and more inventive with what they put in game and although this is all speculation it's so exciting to try and decipher it even though it's from my own interpretations of the mythology. I advocate all you wizards do the same as there are many secrets to discover. So far Wintertusk is my favorite update and although quest experience was low Grizzleheim was always one of my favorite worlds to play in. Certainly KI has upped their game and rekindled my interest in Norse mythology bravo KI bravo! Any thoughts and comments are appreciated I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wintertusk's Story (Spoiler)

Ok wizards for a few of you that like to be spoiled I will divulge in the story of Wintertusk for those of you that don't like spoilers you read at your own risk beyond this point.

So Wintertusk begins where Grizzleheim left off here is a recap of Grizzleheim you basically go to GH to reforge it's relationship to the Spiral while there you learn of problems within the various clans of Grizzleheim. You are sent on a quest to become a hero worthy of speaking to the king performing various feats to prove yourself. Such as helping the folks of Ander's Holt against the Red Claws clearing Sarvastaad Pass of the wretched Gendels and reforming the relationships between the Bear and Wolf clans. As time goes on you slowly uncover a plot set out by the Ravens in particular The Coven to set the clans against each other. They do this to obtain the other clans rune stones for a ritual. That ritual will bring about the destruction of Grizzleheim it is known as the Everwinter forever freezing Grizzleheim. Eventually you head into Raven territory as you venture into Ravenscar you eventually thwart their plans to bring Grizzleheim to it's knees in an endless winter The Coven for now are defeated.

----------Spoiler Alert--------Do not read if you don't wanna know Wintertusk's plot line-------------------

Once again you are called to help in an isolated part of Grizzleheim as The Coven is back for more. Once there you find yourself looking at some of Wintertusk's frozen inhabitants as The Coven wreak havoc. You soon find out that your greatest ally -- Bartleby's sister Grandmother Raven is trapped by The Coven you soon with her guidance find a way to release her so that she can take her true form as a giant raven. You soon discover from Granny Raven that The Coven are still pursuing their goal of putting all of Grizzleheim in a endless winter and this time will do so by waking up the Ice Titan Ymir who slumbers in the bowels of Nastrond.

Granny Raven then sends you on a quest to retrieve 4 Golden Seals from Ymir's sons with these seals the player will be able to undo The Covens magic and prevent Ymir from being awakened. You then venture to each son's realm performing various tasks to earn each seal once you have all 4 you must then return to Granny Raven. Now is the time to stop The Coven once and for all you then head into Nastrond a network of caves beneath Granny Raven's tree in Hrundle Fjord to confront The Coven. You fight your way through 6 bosses (2 separate and 4 as a group) once this is done you gain access to the final chamber. In here leader and only member of The Coven present Kol Shadowsong is about to reawaken Ymir. As you try to stop him he sets against you Ymir's sons and you must defeat them once you do you use the golden seals to keep Ymir asleep with the Titan slumbering and The Coven's magic undone they are truly defeated and you once again save all of Grizzleheim from an eternal winter.

This is the basic story of course there are many side stories and quests to figure out but for those curious I wanted to give you the plot of both Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. Hope you enjoy!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Full steam ahead

Hello wizards as many of you may now know Wintertusk is in the Test Realm along with a plethora of other updates to the game both to gameplay, aesthetics, and pets.

One thing can summon up this Test Realm: BEST EVER!!! Oh wait that was 2 words but goes to express the sheer amazingness of it all. the KT group on Skype as well as the Wizard101 community on twitter exploded with glee as we all logged into the Test Realm. Even the cool Kevin Battleblood cried with excitement trust me we were all on call I heard it myself.

I honestly didn't know where to begin so I went with what I naturally DON'T do -- I started Questing. The initial impression I had was while aesthetically pleasing WinterTusk seemed a tad crowded  now whether this was from the countless amounts of players in the game or from the fact WinterTusk especially the area of Hrundle Fjord is very Village like in fact it is a village and so there are many houses etc that seem to take up a lot of the room. Don't let me dissuade you however once you get to Austrilund and onward the areas are pretty wide open.

Now let's move on to where I would naturally start at -- Pets! New Lv 58 pets are available although aesthetically pleasing I have heard many complaints on the pets themselves. Which range from lack of accuracy on the innate cards to lackluster talents. I myself am overall pleased with the Judgement pet although I'd wish KI would of scrapped Mana Gift on all pets as well as the 2 astral talents -- Vengeance and Gargantuan. As far as design go KI hit their mark each pet has it's own personality and animations look great.
Another complaint from fans is a apparent glitch regarding hybrids which a resulting hybrid isn't hatched from the appropriate pet i.e. a Judgement and Kraken somehow make a Fire wyvern.

Overall this is the greatest update to come to the game the sheer richness of Wintertusk along with the various new activities for a wizard to do will have many of us busy for quite a while.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger