Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alexander and Wintertusk!

So as many of you are know I sped through Wintertusk on my main wizard Alric Ravensinger (By sped I mean finished quickly -- sort of took roughly 6-7 1/2 hours). Now as a few might know I also have a Pyromancer named Alexander Ghostflame who two mornings ago was Lv 49 and in the Crucible area of Dragonspyre. Yesterday morning however he was officially Lv 58 and completed with Wintertusk. That's right I finished up Grizzleheim long time ago and pretty much power leveled Alexander just on Wintertusk quests. I wasn't alone however I did have help from the awesome Paige MoonShade and in spirit Alura Hexcaster as I used her pyromancer Jordan to help me out.

Many saved citizens and revived Thanes later Alexander had finished up Wintertusk hit Level 58 obtained his Efreet spell and his Phoenix pet all the while having yet to face that villain Malistaire or even step foot in Celestia -- yeah Wintertusk gives THAT MUCH experience. Here are some screenshots from the Efreet summon and obtaining of the Phoenix pet as well as a second run of Nastrond I did with Alura Hexcaster now that's a big dragon! Enjoy!

Finally I would like to share with all you readers two things first Alexander's new look I know he looks pretty snazzy if not like a bunch of other legendary pyromancers (That's a joke! ;)) and second a glimpse at a secret new housing project I am working on code named: "Wintertusk" hopefully sometime soon I can unveil it or have someone showcase it *cough* Paige *cough* who by the way still has yet to *cough* showcase my CL Obvs *cough* ;) that's all for now everyone oh yeah did I mention I am up to nearly 50 Waterworks runs man I love that instance!

Until next time your friend and housing guru,
Alric Ravensinger