Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ghost Mania!

Hey everyone,

Seems like with Halloween and Autumn in general drawing nearer everyone is in a frenzy over the newest discovered hybrid to hit the Wizard101 universe that's right I am talking Red Ghost mania. Heck even Father Blogger The Friendly Necromancer posted a video on his blog about the Red Ghost. Secretly I've had my Red Ghost for about 2 weeks or so and secretly I have slowly been breeding in talents to it. My goal is to create an awesome Red Ghost for my Necromancer Morgrim Shadowshade. Check out the Progress below (1st picture is Grandparent, 2nd is Parent, 3rd is Baby)

Now it's been awhile since I talked or even posted about my Necromancer Morgrim "Morty" Shadowshade. He sort of became my secret project. I am happy to announce about a week ago he became a Legendary Necromancer. The only people who really knew were my good friends in KT (KTwizards) that I was working on a Death wiz them and Blaze Stormthief. Now it's time for my family (Cassandra Dragonheart, Lady Blade, and SorceressMiklai) and maybe our extended family KT to farm up Waterworks for my gear.

In a small unrelated note I hope you all have noticed the new changes to the blog for the upcoming Halloween season. Any feedback is appreciated. I made the new header using GIMP 2.6 using a Halloween GIMP Brushes set from DeviantART and a Shawn of the Dead font I got from .

Until next time,
Your resident Ghost Hunter Alric Ravensinger