Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hexes and Dragon hearts

        Howdy folks, Alric here I came to do a little promoting for a couple of friends of mine. I mean what are friends for after all if you can't use them Jk Lol. So after some convincing on my part and others my friend the lovely Alura Hexcaster finally decided to make her own blog and I implore you all who follow my blog to follow hers as well. Her blog is sure to be filled with as KBB put it "yummy content" and I know for certain she never will leave one disappointed. If she does I warn you might find yourself under one of her spells and will be lost in the deepest reaches of The Spiral. She barely has started blogging but give it time and she'll have you enthralled for sure.
     I know you thought I was done but no your wrong I'm not I have one more blog for you folks to check out and it belongs to my friend Cassandra Dragonheart. Equally as captivating Cassandra like Alura is a Mercenary for the Mercenaries 4 Hire and will no doubt have tasty game tips for the inexperienced wizard. I wouldn't promote these two gals if I doubted their abilities otherwise and both are sure to amaze you all with their game and real life experiences. Welcome to the Blogosphere girls I and we at The Raven's Vault wish you luck on your future blogging endeavors.

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celestia Reveal #10

Kinda late I know but reveal No.10 is here I just got one thing to say about all of this Celestia has some weird looking NPCs in it like Wow the Pirate Ogre dude looks just wow. Speculate away about him and his involvement if any in Celestia's plot.

All hail Tigra the Epic Hydra!

The pet news just keeps rolling in for me I finally have done it though after months of putting it off I finally got Tigra my Hydra to Epic and I'm so proud of my pet she being a first generation pet has yielded me some pretty nice bonuses and she also happens to be my first pet I got to Epic now envy me Balance wizards Jk Lol.
 Woot for me people you know this is Epic I'm so happy finally (Again not actually lol Tigra has been Epic for almost a week already >,< )

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Master Artisan Alric and Introducing Mister Roxy :D

Yes I've done it after months and months of just having it sit there in my Quest book I finally did it I am now a bonafide Master Artisan. This quest as you might have NOT imagined was not hard just tedious I always looking to the future knew about the Master Artisan quest when I was still an apprentice so I saved any Black pearls and Blood Moss I came across unfortunately my wizard travels had me sell some Blood Moss and pearls here and there so at the end I needed assistance from you guessed it Alura Hexcaster who was nice enough to sell the few Blood Moss and pearls I needed and viola I am now (have been actually for like a week lol) a Master Artisan. Its quite fitting actually I mean I am an artist after all so it's nice I get to show it kinda lol.

In other news of awesomeness yours truly has succeeded a third time at a Hybrid hatching attempt everyone please welcome Mister Roxy the Fatezilla to the Ravensinger Pet farm hehe. I do plan to raise it and if it gets nice Storm boosts I think it'll make a nice Storm pet with the good looks of Balance to boot.

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Call forth the Ghost Hound!


That's right I am gotten myself a Ghost Hound courtesy of Alura Hexcaster and her Danger Hound (She also got a Ghost hound named Snoopie :D ). Its been like 3-4 days since I got it but man am I still love it. It looks so cool and reminds me of the legend of The Black Shuck England's Doom dog. I do have plans for this pet though beyond a fashion statement I want a good fire pet with fearsome looks to boot. So me and Alura are gonna eventually mix in hopes my Ghost hound obtains Talents from her pet a Crimsonzilla named Chloe who might I add has the nice Pain-giver Talent (Universal damage). Speaking of everyone three cheers for Alura who raised this pet at lightning fast speed within a week it Chloe went from teen to now........Epic! isn't that great? Of course it is hehe all of you know how hard that last stretch to epic can be Chloe manifested everything great for a pet Health-gift (+102 Max),the afforementioned Pain-giver,Fire-giver(fire damage),and Fire-shot (Fire accuracy) isn't that awesome. On a unrelated note to the Ghost hound and Chloe my dearest friend Cassandra Dragonheart finally learned to love her Satyr and mixed with a Colossus and got herself a mighty fine FrostCaller named Jasmine I've been lucky enough to be called Uncle hehe. (If Cassandra tries to deny loving her Satyr tis a false statement hehe she'll probably kill me for writing this :P I win Cass all my followers are gonna read this! )

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Oops I forgot to say :\

 Hey folks Alric here now you may noticed I like my buddy Dustin Mooncatcher haven't been posting as much unfortunately for me it's not cause my band Lol. It is however real life nonetheless I am currently helping out our family friend and that's were I have mostly been she has terminal illness and can't do much by herself so I've been tasked to help her which I gladly do. I also have my own stuff to take care of as far as school I need to kick it into high gear getting those credits and finishing up term papers long overdue. I'll admit though too I have just been having to much fun in-game with friends and I keep forgetting to post here. I though am not considering leaving this blog this is just a notice that I'll definitely won't be posting as often as I did. On a side note I wish Dustin and his band all the best and The Raven's Vault will miss him if he goes :)

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A true master of Monsters...(New pet :D)

That's right after years of secretly training with  Lord Voldemort this Sorcerer has learned to become a Parsel tongue but more importantly he has also found he has always been a heir of Slytherin. (Boo! you Gryffindors Jk). I have found the way and now I control the mighty Basilisk of Salazar Slytherin FEAR ME! Muahahaha!
Actually I have completed a not so life long dream of obtaining a Basilisk Pet as many of you know its a dream pet for me and I got it with the help of my truly dear friend SorceressMiklai A.K.A Alura Hexcaster. Now you may think Woohoo! Alric congratz and that's the end of it but no you are wrong I wasn't the only one with success in our experiment SorceressMiklai and I plan to rule the world of witches and wizards with my Basilisk pet at my side(Mister Romeo) and her Cerberus pet at hers(Sir Brutus).Yup folks this hatch was a Double success both parties I'm happy to say are extremely satisfied as I know we held off hatching together for longer then I could possibly bare although I'd never let her know that ;-) Lets not forget though the awesome parents that made this hatch possible everyone please give three cheers to Echidna who is actually my Hydra Tigra and Typhon who is Alura's Orthrus Baby Dexter The Mother and Father of All Monsters Hehehe.

See ya folks my pet snake of EPICness is calling,
Alric Ravensinger