Monday, January 31, 2011

Test Realm is open! A plethora of updates!

You can view them here let's take a look at the ones I am most excited about!

January Update Notes 2011  

Let's star with a prime area of interest for me Housing!!
Those lovely Wildclaws learned how to make wallpaper, cut, and lay down tile! woot! Grizzleheim inspired Wallpaper and Tiles is now available that's great news for my storm Isaac and his Dragon Fjord and Vanessa Stormcaller's Wood cabin house! :)

2 new houses both right out of Celestia one is a Floating land style house which I seen looks pretty cool actually although I think my Storm "Floating Land" house is still better! It can be bought with gold or crowns. The second house is a little trickier it's a crafted house much like the Watchtower Hall so be sure to plant those Pink dandelions now to ensure you have some cause it's a tall order for sure.

For you that own the MASSIVELY FANTASY PALACE you can now kick out any ill doers even if they happen to be in a duel so play nice people!

Onto with the pets!

Ice hounds cast their own spells now

Jade Oni and Earthwalker pets cast spells that represent their schools this is interesting I wonder if they are referring to Power up. I also wonder what spell the Earthwalker would have now but this is only speculation.


The Meowodon has it's speed raised to 40% like other mounts Alura will be happy to hear this I'm sure.

These mounts sadly will be removed from the crown shop for the time being.

- Purple Glider
- Faithful Dragoness
- White Mare
not a mount but the CL sword is also being removed.

Membership Benefits

Current active subscribers who have paid with a credit card are now part of our Wizard101 Membership Program! As part of our Wizard101 Membership Program, players who have made a subscription purchase with a valid credit card in the last 30 days, or have an active recurring subscription will have these added features:
  1. Energy will refill twice as fast.
  2. Your backpack will grow to 120 slots.
  3. Your Crafting Timers will now reset twice as fast.
  4. Your friends list will expand to 120 people.
This does not apply to players who use their credit card to purchase Crowns.
This does not apply to players who use Gift Certificates or Gift Cards to make their purchases in Wizard101.
You will have these benefits as long as you have an active renewing membership. These benefits expire when your membership expires.
Please note, when your membership expires (you are no longer an active subscriber) your backpack will return to 100 slots and you will not be able to put more items in your backpack until you empty out the overflow. Your friends list will also return to 100 maximum, and you will not be able to add new friends until you remove the overflow

 I like this so far however let's see how other players react to it.

I won't ruin it for you hopefully this enticed you enough to read the notes and check out the test realm yourself!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Welcome home Tyranny! :D

  Yeah I know why would I say that what kinda of title is that? Well my readers it's the name of My storm alt's new Leviathan spell! I know I was shocked too when I realized that Isaac Storm my little storm dude finally hit Lvl 58! I said thank you to her that night but I'll publicly state it here as well so everyone can enjoy it like how everyone has been enjoying watching me embarrassed on Twitter these days. So, I'd like to thank Alura Hexcaster in her myth forme which is Cori Willowhaven for kicking my wizard butt these past couple months on leveling up my wizard(s) Isaac probably STILL be in Marleybone if you hadn't pushed me and yes I admit sometimes coax me too :P

Also if you remember Isaac is part of Team Nightowls so I am also glad to inform you that Cori Willowhaven and Bailey Icecaster also got to Lvl 58 and now all of Team Nightowls has their Lvl 58 spells and is in the Science Center! Woot!

Below is snapshots from the quest and dialogue! :) Enjoy!
I also had my dear Cori and tia Cassandra Dragonheart with me for the summoning! :) Best friends in any world that one could ask for.

 Such a powerful beast likes worms lol I wonder what else tickles it's fancy?

 Who knew honorable cows loved worms especially large ones eww!

 I also got a glitched "invisible" Cori and her summoning of Medusa!

Good luck with all your questing wizards! Team Nightowls forever!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stories from abroad: Prophecy of Blades by Lady Blade

Evening wizards tonight I wanna give you some good reading from a friend and Mercenary Lady Blade. Now last night I enjoyed some nice quality time with Ms Blade as her pyro Autumn Fireblade and my girls Cassandra Dragonheart and Jordan Duskflame (Alura Hexcaster's fire alt). Cass mentioned to me a fan fiction that Autumn was writing now despite me being of poor manners to not ask first I loved the story and so opted to have it featured here on my blog.

You can read Chapter 1 and 2 here. (Click me for the story yo!)

It is well written and adds depth to places we all know and love within the Spiral. The characters are extremely likable I found myself especially drawn to Tristan who totally reminds me of Sirius Black from Harry Potter albeit a young one and he doesn't transform into a dog.

Anyway I also wanted to extend the invitation to any of you readers to send me YOUR Fan fictions or Comics so that I may feature them here as well I also will accept stories of friends just be sure to include vital information such as any sites their name so that I might be able to give them their well deserved credit. I'll eventually create a page linking to other fan fictions as well.

You can visit Autumn's Wizard101 Central page here. Or her blog here and leave her any messages cause I see the makings of a great story and keep on writing!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Double feature: The fiery angel and The spirit of the Lamp.

So some readers really liked my last post about dragons so at their request cause I listen to my readers I am doing a double feature today the Seraph (Seraphim) and the Efreet (Djinn). Let's begin with the angels let's start with the Seraphim.

 Lady Oriel and the Seraph spell both very identifiable within the Wizard101 world one begins our journey on Unicorn Way the other is a life school attack. Unfortunately these aren't correct here are some reasons why. First of Seraphs (Plural; Seraphim) are highest level of angels in the angelic hierarchy there names literally mean "burning ones" they were said to be so pure of light that not even other angels could look upon them. They had six wings two that covered their faces, two that covered their body, and finally two used for flight.

 Seems like Lady Oriel and the Seraph spell are missing a couple of wings there ;). Also Seraphs along with Cherubs (2nd highest in hierarchy) were least encountered on earth as Seraphs were the caretakers of God's throne they also were always in song also being the highest in his heavenly choir they commonly sang "Holy, holy, holy, is the lord of hosts". There are also sources that mention that there wings weren't of light but of flame hence comes the meaning 'burning ones"  

 In Judaism they were in the 5th of 10th in the angel's hierarchy but still considered caretakers of God's throne and nearest to god. The name seraph(im) in earlier times was said to be serpent and that the meaning "burning ones" referring to the burning of coursing poison. 

It seems by reference of the Angelic Hierarchy that Lady Oriel mostly can be associated with not the Seraphim but the archangels or Angels. Archangels are depicted as guardians but not of mankind itself but of it's nations such as the case with Michael who is said to guard Israel. The weird thing is we often see Archangels as the highest of god's angels but this is not true not really anyway archangels are only the 2nd highest of god's angels only presiding over the lowest ranks of angels they are in the third sphere whereas our Seraphim friends are in the first sphere. However if you notice I said archangels not Archangels the upper case Archangels are considered the highest of god's angels there are seven of them with Michael being the highest after the fall of Lucifer.

Now it's time to discuss another mythical being this is the Efreet or Ifrit he has may other names including Jinn or Djinn although Efreet is a negative connotation for Djinn.

They are considered Infernal (Fiery) class of Djinn or genie. They are almost always considered as wicked beings who wish to do harm as such the case in Wizard101 they do harm to our opponents :P. They part of the three sentient creations of Allah the others being humans and angels and in that order are only succeeded by the angels. They are also said to have free will like humans and can be a believer or non believer benevolent or malevolent. They also like humans have their own set of rule within their realm which is a parallel universe to the human world. In this universe the Djinn have kings, clans, and tribes. They also have their own cities were they inhabit.

They also breed and wed just like humans and are even said to be able to breed and marry humans. I have no idea who would want to marry a genie kinda tight living inside a bottle or where ever they inhabit. According to Islamic and Arabic texts Djinn (and Efreet) are made of smokeless fire and are able to shape shift. They are also divided into three subspecies Jinn who have wings, Those who take animal form, and those who fly about without wings.

Although Djinn can be good or bad or neutral humans have always considered them treacherous using their magic to harm humans.They are also said to be invisible to humans and usually view humans as not being clever or have wit. However despite all their magical qualities they are judged like humans on the day of judgment and like humans will be sent to hell or heaven depending on their deeds.

Tough break I suppose just like in Aladdin all that power but not a tiny space but required to be judge as humans do makes you think well they ain't all that powerful. My take on this is Djinn at least to me represent a darker side to humans they have the ability to do powerful things indulge as they wish free to go where ever whenever but are judged like us all. Good thing the only thing our Efreet spells are judging and punishing are our opponents then leaving them a present of a -90% weakness!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Harbingers of Death - Wise creatures from the Ancient past: Dragons!

 Hey readers so today after what I consider a great successful ending to my comic Fame at a Price I wanna talk to you about a creature that has captured our imagination and put fear in our hearts since the earliest ages of the world - Dragons!

 No creature that I can think of more resonates with fantasy than the dragon revered over by civilizations for it's power, intellect, and ability to appear to as a protector of mankind or the bringer of it's destruction. Let's begin with where exactly did the history of these magnificent creatures begins.

  There really isn't a exact recorded date when Dragons came into the minds of men although one can speculate that it was in the minds of Proto-European and Asian people who like the Greeks attributed the natural world to great creatures of terrible power. Now the word Dragon itself however comes mainstream in the 13th century Europe-France and it meant "Lizard, Serpent, Sea Serpent" also from Greek Drakon earlier accounts state it from the root word drekesthai meaning "one who has a deadly glance". Dragon have various other names for themselves but also for subspecies such as Wyrm, drake, serpent, wyvern, and lindworm.

 The earliest meaning one can almost say with the deadly glance that Dragons might have had similar powers to the Basilisk however that might mean the Basilisk became a separate being as time passed but if you look at the basilisk it has many traits of a wyvern or lindworm which are subspecies of dragons although the basilisk has no wings.

  In every culture they are revered and feared as powerful beings. Asian culture has a less negative view of the creatures dragons in Asian cultures are often seen as ancient primordial forces of nature and the universe. For Asian cultures the dragon is also seen as a wise being often depicted in myths as giving humans wisdom and even in some cultures the dragons taught humans to speak. They are also identified with Longevity some dragons having lived for thousands of years. They also always seem to possess magical powers but in Asian culture it's mostly associated with water/mist or even poison unlike European depiction of dragons breathing fire.

Even the very appearance of the creatures differ again one looks to European and Asia. Asian dragons seem to represent the earliest accounts of dragons in appearance often being large serpentine like creatures that aren't winged like the European dragons also said to possess only frontal limbs if any at all. European dragons however are almost always depicted with wings and 2-4 limbs with dark scaly or feathered hide. Both have been described with the aforementioned hide of scales or feathers with the exception of the Asian variant scales being like those of a fish.

Throughout history various cultures have had their take on the dragon here are some of the most popular.

Greek: Often depicted as serpentine creatures as famous example of a dragon or dragon-like creature is the Lernaean Hydra which had several heads possess a poisonous breath/bite it was killed by Hercules as his second of this twelve labors it was said to guard the waters to the entrance of the underworld it was an offspring of Typhon and Echidna who in mythology would give birth to all the worlds monsters.

Chinese: These dragons are almost exclusively seen as benevolent and a symbol of royalty as is the case of the 5 claw dragon which was a symbol for Chinese emperors. These dragons were also considered guardians, spirits, and forces of nature. They were also said to have immense longevity and take on human form.

Christian/Jewish: What? dragons? Yes although that's not how many of us particularly see them now in these ancient religions dragons were present in the form of Leviathan which means twisted or coiled was a terrible being that rose out of the ocean along Behemoth a land dragon at the end of days. Leviathan in demonology is also one of the seven princes of hell and it's gate keeper of Hell's entrance stories says that Leviathan's mouth was the entrance and was called Hellmouth.

Dragons in Popular Culture:

Most of us identify with dragons through it's modern use let's see some of them.

  J.R.R Tolkien the "father of modern fantasy" had dragons in his epics the most famous being Smaug who was a dragon that hoarded the treasure of Thorin's kin and laid waste to Dale and inhabited the Lonely mountain. He was killed by Bard the Bowman. Another famous dragon from Tolkien's legendarium was Glaurung who was have said to sired the rest of the dragon race or Uruloki which are wingless fire breathing dragons. He is the main antagonist in the Children of Hurin defeating the Noldorin Elves and it's allies he was stabbed twice once by the Dwarven king Azaghal and last by Turin Turambar which killed Glaurung.

 Harry Potter has it's share of dragons as well possessing 10 different breeds which are prominently encountered in the Goblet of Fire. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine also ride a half blind dragon being pursued by goblins and death eaters after they broke into Gringotts Bank to recover a Horcrux from Bellatrix's vault.

  Wizard 101 Dragons are prominent part of the fire school and it was the Dragon Titan that destroyed Dragonspyre. Drake army is also prominent enemies in DS as many of you wizards already know. They were also allies to the citizens of Dragonspyre as "Drake riders" in fact without the help of a Drake the player would have never been able to reach Malistaire. The fire dragon spell is inspired by modern/European depiction of dragons not to mention it's just a kick butt spell. Also Death wizards have an encounter with the drakes if only their bones but it also allows you to see the bone anatomy of our fire breathing friends.

 Pokemon the dragons of the Pokemon universe are indeed a mix of all cultures and myths. representing awesome power and legendary skill. In the games Dragon type Pokemon are considered the overall best type as it's only weakness is Dragon type while having many resistances and the only type that resist dragon moves is the Steel type. Notable dragons are Dragonite which has intellect that matches humans and flies above the world's oceans looking for humans lost at sea. Another is the super ancient dragon and Trio master Rayquaza  which is master of earth's atmosphere and the only Pokemon to be able to quell the other super ancient Pokemon Kyogre who controls the seas and oceans and Groudon who controls/creates landmasses after a climatic battle.

  Another popular culture dragon is Deathwing from the recently released World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Deathwing has believed to be dead was was actually regaining his strength in Deepholm and makes a return to Azeroth he is a Black Wyrm and was given control over the earth and it's deep places but was driven crazy by the old gods.

 Although I doubt I've done these superb creatures justice I think this overview was decent and it shows why many people including those at Kings Isle have chosen these creatures for their universes. Nothing is comparable to dragons how they are awe-inspiring yet terrible. Let's hope for a future with more of these creatures cause they are the things of fantasy and imagination which we all love. Like my friend Lance of the Indigo League in Pokemon says "...You know that dragons are mythical Pok√©mon! They’re hard to catch and raise, but their powers are superior! They’re virtually indestructible!..."  Lets hope they remain this way for all time superior,mythical, and indestructible in our minds.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grand Finale! Fame at a Price Episode VIII! "Deathsong of the Wiz Hunters!"

Here we are at the end finally. It's been a long road full of sleepless nights of coloring and long delays but now in it's entirety I bring to you my dear readers the final piece of the puzzle - Fame at a Price Episode 8 the comic's finale!

It took 6 months 26 days to actually finish the comic and 9 months 25 days to present it to you now. I admit I am sort of sad to see it end and hopefully I did Tom and Bailey justice in these 7 pages. Remember that it's cause of you readers that I started it and I hope you enjoy this final episode. A special thanks to Amber Deathsong whom I have dedicated this episode for using part of her name for it's title. I hope to refine and sharpen my skills to bring you folks more comics in the future and if you've stuck with me through this whole long 9 months of life this episode is also dedicated to you.

Onward to the Future though I hope you all will join me as I begin my new Comic Alexander and The secret of the Sanctum which will launch within 2 months you can see some of it's story and lore on my "Alexander Comic Info" tab. Anyway it's been fun and again I thank you Tom and Bailey for being my comic stars and allowing me to include you in my own world of Wizard101 and doodles. Who knows maybe one day I'll come back to FAAP hopefully.....

Also in this episode are cameos of Heather Raven, Fallon Shadowblade, and lastly Cassandra Dragonheart.
Sorry Connor Mistblade and Wolf Winterstaff I really tried to include you within the 7 pages but I ran out of frames but don't fret your future is bright within my comic world so perhaps you'll be in it someday in some form.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming: New Comic - Alexander and The secret of the Sanctum.

First of let's say that although the comic won't be out for some time those of you who read my blog specifically for my comics deserve a little something and maybe I can make new fans as well either way I am excited for this brand new comic.

Alexander and The secret of the Sanctum

For those concerned about the final episode of Fame at a Price don't worry as soon as I get my scanner up and running again it's gonna be up for viewing. Now you'll notice I put up a new tab titled "*New* Comic Info" I'll be updating that little by little with various info about factions,places,and people within my comic world. This is Wizard101 but done my way so to speak.

I hope you all will enjoy it when I finally will be able to put it up and here is a little info in addition to the tab for your reading pleasure.

- Takes place in Wizard City, Mooshu, and Celestia.

- Comic will feature fully drawn characters so no more "stick" people that we all grew use to from Fame at a Price comic.

- Comics will be longer but down side of that is it'll take longer to make since I am drawing everything.

- Expect to see some familiar faces from the Spiral and expect to see characters inspired by players within the Wizard 101 Community. (Example: A Character based off of Christina Icedreamer might be present however it'll be a completely different look,name, and location etc etc)

- Various items and spells might be stylized in my own style so like characters you'll see some similarities but distinct differences.
- *Alexander Griffinheart is the main character he is part of a gardening group. He has been asked to accompany some scholars to investigate a mysterious type of vegetation located within ruins deep inside of Celestia what secrets will he find within the ancient ruins? Was he destined to be more than just a gardener? He is a Pyromancer. *

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creature Feature: Trolls - Sons of the Giants!

Yes in this edition of Creation I wanted to discuss about Trolls, not internet trolls but trolls of magical quality and discuss the histories of them which stem from you guessed it Norse mythology.

 So all of us wizards who've traversed the Spiral know of trolls heck even if you haven't you must know of trolls as they are present in most works of fantasy literature and movies today. However you know trolls as a separate entity usually as a dim witted albeit exceedingly strong. I am here to tell you trolls were until in modern Norse mythology a sub group or species or the Jotnar or Jotunn. You may remember them from my last article on the Brothers of Nidavellir.

 They are a race of Giants who populated one of the nine worlds within Yggdrasil, The world Tree or if you wanna W101 it Bartleby. It's quite a funny thing if you think about it in technical terms that the dim witted strong troll you read in that book was actually related to something like the Giants. Consider that Giants specifically in the Wizard101 world were primordial forces at the beginning of the Spiral. So you Ice and Myth wizards are more closer brethren than you may think.

But you are not entirely wrong cause as time has passed Trolls became a separate entity from the Jotnar (Giants) however many of their traits as Jotnar passed as they became separate. Let's see what they are.

  •  Trolls of mythology like those of fantasy are easily distinguished by their unsightly appearance often having mishapen heads, claws, talons, large height, and a lack of any sort of cleanliness. 
  • Their super human Strength which is synonymous when talking of Trolls
  • Being of incredibly old age however being slow or dim witted.
  • Repulsion for Sun light which would turn them to stone and which is famously used in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit.
  • Almost always on the side of Evil or not in any way helpful to any particular race.
  • Always living in places such as Caves or Mountains.

See the similarities? Well I don't know of any Wizard101 Trolls being scared of sunlight or being exceedingly aged but the others are bang on I believe.

 There are many stories that also don't abide by the traditional idea for trolls again I bring up the magnificent works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Many who don't truly read the books won't know in fact there was a sentient race of trolls on Middle Earth created by the Dark Lord Sauron himself they are known as Olog Hai. If you seen the movies it's the troll that gave Aragorn lots of trouble during the battle at the Black Gate at the end of the movie.

The Olog hai were improved trolls made by Sauron who unlike the other races of troll (except is the Mountain Troll but Olog hai had resistance to a greater degree) didn't have a weakness to sun light and were intelligent.
Trolls were originally creations of Sauron's master Melkor A.K.A. Morgoth who made them in mockery of the Tree folk you know them though as the Ents (Woodwalkers to Wiz101fy it Lol). The sun light turned them to stone like the trolls of mythology however the theory behind this in the Lord of the Rings is Melkor created the trolls from stones and so they reverted back to being stones when exposed to the sun.

Luckily for the people of Middle Earth after the War of the Ring all of the Olog hai were hunted and killed. Nothing is worse than a troll who can think as well as have the strength to crush your bones to powder. The Olog hai also could speak but only spoke The Black Speech or The dark tongue of Mordor. In that particular language Olog hai mean't "Troll folk". It is also noted that the Orcs and Goblins of Mordor saw the Olog hai in the same way as the Uruk hai because of both being improvements of existing beings and their resistance to Sun light and larger Intellect.

So rejoice the fact your not a troll unless your an internet troll but you don't wanna be one of those either they get the ban hammer frequently. Cause if you are a troll then that means your strong, old, and dumb not a good combination if you ask me. Feel free to comment anything else I might have missed on these slow but fascinating creatures and I hope you found out something you didn't know.  

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Theorycrafting: Morganthe's Next Move....

 Today I wanna discuss something I am sure is on every wizard who aims to save the spirals mind --What's Morganthe's next move? This came to me after a lengthy discussion with friend Blaze Stormthief as we talked over possible plots and motives. Originally I had intended to write about the Onis and their relation to the Oni of mythological histories and their relation if any to the Kami. However I think this topic of Morganthe will provide more insight into "the now" and food for thought.

 Now what we know is Morganthe was after the Celestian magic wanted it at all costs but the Celestians refused to let her take the magic. Why? why did/does she need the magic what does the Queen of the Shadow Web plan to do with such power? What's her relationship with Merle? How does this tie into the story? I will purpose my theories and speculations cause that's all this is after all.

 Morganthe as most think draws inspiration from Morgan la fey or Morgana who was the sister or half sister of Aurthur who studied under adviser and great wizard Merlin. However I believe KI derived Morganthe from two characters in the Authurian legend Morgana and Morgause who like Morgana was sister/half sister to Aurthur and originally was the mother of Mordred who fights Aurthur at Camlann. That however is where it ends Morgause serves afterward as mother to many of the knights of the Round Table most notably Sir Gawain. Where as Morganthe originally appears as a healer and chief of the nine sisters of Avalon "The Isle of Apples".  In later works she appears as an enemy to Merlin and Aurthur.

  Now chew on this what if Merlin and Morganthe were originally students or Morganthe was Merle's student. Morganthe plays a similar role under the tutelage of  Merlin as a healer possibly even a Life wizard. However like all that's pure can be diluted and tainted Morganthe wants more power. What if while Morganthe focused on the powers of healing Merle focused on Astral Magic. Morganthe saw the potential and sheer power of the astral magic of course she wanted it for herself. Also throw into the mix if Bartleby wanted them to learn respective magicks for the benefit of the spiral however the same thing unfolds Merle has power or discovers something Morganthe wants and so begins her quest.

  Merle refusing her she turns to the source the Celestians themselves who in turn refuse her as well. So as Spiral history states she raises up a dark army (Inferi anyone? Lol) to combat the Celestians. They put up a good fight but eventually lose and Morganthe loses her army. Now think of this Morganthe presumably is at the bottom of the ocean like with her army but manages over the centuries to survive sound familiar? 

For those of you not versed in the literary works of J.R.R Tolkien I will divulge. In his work Sauron also known as Annatar Lord of gifts tried to destroy the Numenor Civilization from within but in the end when Eru destroyed not only the king and his mighty navy but sunk all of Numenor into the sea Sauron however survived but thereafter wasn't able to take fair forme again.

 Morganthe going to the source might have no wholly seemed evil yet not even to Merle who I assumed however had his suspicions. Studied among the Celestians but decided to take the magic by force after she was denied and tried to destroy the Celestians and take it for herself. This also brings similar trait from another character in Tolkien's Legendarium Saruman who was chief among the Istari (Wizards) until his work with profane objects like the lost seeing stones of Numenor corrupted him into the service of Sauron. Saurman like Morganthe wanted the power for themselves Morganthe CL magic and Saruman the ring.

 Like with Numenor however Morganthe like Sauron hadn't expected for the the turn of events that took place. As Sauron had hoped Eru would only destroy Ar-Pharazon (The king of Numenor) and his navy Eru sunk the entire blessed realm beneath the waves. The Celestians also had that same foolish hope but in the end the Storm Titan sunk all of Celestia. This is the gray area sort of just as Sauron originally wasn't evil neither was Morganthe at one point. In fact before he became Sauron Chief Lieutenant to Morgoth (Melkor) Sauron was known as Mairon meaning Admirable and lesser god (Maiar) in service to Aule, The Craftsman of the Valar. 

  The question remains though what exactly does Morganthe plan to do with the Celestian magic? What exactly can she do with it? Is it that bad that even the indomitable Merle fears her? With the power of the Celestian magic in her hands what exactly can she do? Unlike our friend Malistaire who although was a great wizard couldn't of been able to control the Dragon Titan even with the Krokonomicon. Maybe Morganthe has the knowledge to control such divine beings and bend it to her will? Possibly with the power of a divine being such as a Triton or Titan Morganthe wants to exact revenge on Merle for denying her first. Who really can know only the minds working at KI do.

I ask you readers now if you have your own theories comment on this post with them. I'd love to hear your take on this new story arc or perhaps expand on what I've said here today. All in all it's speculation but we can always hope right?

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger