Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celestia Reveal #9

Reveal number nine is out and it reveals another Marleybonian this time Doggy boy. Arlen Dawneyes from The Two-headed Wiz believes it might be Thurston Plunkett our explorer in distress I though do not believe this is him but rather another NPC we well encounter in Celestia. I was making some observations on the Celestia Wallpaper and here are my thoughts on three specific shadows.
Shadow outlined in Red.:
I think this is some sort of turtle or similar creature the back end almost looks like flippers you'd associate with Sea turtles maybe a NPC? a Pet? a Mount? the possibilities are near endless I hope its a pet though ;-)

Shadow outlined in Green:
This for me anyway looks hands down to be the Angler fish guy from KI's concept art of creatures from Celestia that we saw during Ravenwood Radio.

Shadow outlined in Yellow:
This looks like it COULD BE some sort of mechanical creature but to me that's to far fetched I really think its the Sea Horse mount (Or NPC or Both) that people have been speculating KI add for a long time.

Although I'm most likely wrong I'm sure I got at least one of the shadows down to a general creature but who knows except for Kingsisle we can only wait until they reveal more.

See ya the pets are a Calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Ravenwood Radio Episode 21 was a blast!

Title says it all yet it couldn't catch all the awesomeness of last night's episode Kevin Battleblood couldn't catch a break last night either or Fallon Deathslinger their Banhammer's were flaming hot aster last nights Chatroom. First off when we have a segment about Impersonators and how lame they are doesn't mean folks you start doing it that's a quick way to get you on the Wizard101 communities bad side and will get you banned by KBB even quicker seriously people it ain't funny or cool and actually makes you look like a follower. Anyway I believe if I'm not mistaken that the record was broken or very close to it last I saw the chat room peaked at a 122 viewers. The study Hall was also tremendously helpful I learned a lot of interesting ideas for my Storm wizard Isaac to utilize. The after party was bumping but I unfortunately had to go early and missed both Stephen and Leesha but it's OK I got to hang out with John Lifeglen,Heather Raven,and Fallon Deathslinger which isn't a bad night in my book. Three cheers for me and Heather for our awesome Hybrids. =) 

Little note:
Don't forget today is the W101 Blogger's Club All star Meet& Greet.

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reminder: Ravenwood Radio tonight Episode 21.

 Ravenwood Radio.

That's right folks tonight is Ravenwood Radio Episode 21 at 8:30PM Central Standard Time.
Hmm does that mean Ravenwood Radio is allowed to go to a pub now?
So check out their site for more info and see you guys and gals there tonight. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of the best Vacations EVER.

       In my giddy excitement of obtaining a hybrid pet the following evening I forgot to tell you folks (though most on my twitter knew) about my little vacation I took to Tombstone,Arizona  last Saturday with my two older brothers and my Mother. First off I say mini cause I actually live in the state and its only about an 1 1/2 hours away from my city which I won't say. Anyway first funny my mother seem to have forgotten how to speak the English language as we stopped at a Burger King (I wanted In-N-Out Burger!) and my brother Chris wanted the Tendercrisp sandwich to which my mother said to the drive thru people "uh yes can I get the chicken you know the fried one" to which me and my brothers kept telling her  "Mom say the sandwich" cause the poor drive thru girl didn't understand  and started to list off the things with chicken in it >.< what a disaster! Being the loving boys we are teased my mom on her hiccup the rest of the drive to Tombstone.
     The rest of the ride went relatively smooth with none of us talking much (except to make fun of my mom) as we passed many towns such as Benson and St David. It was quite refreshing cause out there especially near St David people are really into plants and trees. Green was everywhere it also brought into my mind the fact everyone thinks Arizona is some desert wasteland with the only plants being Cactus they couldn't be more wrong. It wasn't a uncommon sight as well to see horses roaming around and locals selling goods from their fields along the roadside and very cheap too except the Beef jerky which was ridiculously expensive. The day was nice as well high clouds keep us cool and shaded from the sun its was perfect!
      As soon as we blew into town we wasted no time showing my older brother Mario all that Tombstone had to offer. First we walked for hours along Fremont St,Allen St,and Toughtnut Rd going into various shops and attractions showing my big bro the ropes me being a Tombstone visiting veteran we went everywhere from the O.K Corral to the Bird Cage theater where after a tour I aptly bought a new ghost story book titled "Haunted Arizona" to add to my collection of the macabre. It was tremendously fun cause I got to experience everything all over again showing my big brother and I felt as if I was visiting the "Town to tough to die" for the first time again. One experience which was truly new for me was our tour of the Good Enough Mine where miner and founder of Tombstone Ed Schieffelin struck it rich with the mine's rich deposits of Silver. We were literally over a 100ft underground and it was amazing Silver veins could still be seen and everything was left as it was as later the mine was no longer worth it to keep it running and was abandoned allowing for the water Table to come back up and flood the lower levels (As I believe I remember the mine actually went down near 800 ft) I took pictures left and right and was in awe of the work these minders had done with nothing more then a hammer,wedge,dynamite,and Candle light. After we left the mines the weather had a surprise for us and it started to rain. I know what you are thinking man that sucks again you are wrong it was extremely delightful the cool rain felt AWESOME! if only cause of a lackluster Monsoon season we've been having this year the only thing missing was a Pina Colada;) After that we all decided we were hungry and had a nice Dinner at the Longhorn restaurant the day went slow from here just us laughing at our sillyness and glad we got to do this. On our way out we stopped by the famous Boot Hill Graveyard and snapped a few pics but soon left on the ride home I feel asleep with the gentle tapping of the rain on the car window what a day!
(Not home right now but I do promise pics from the trip soon )

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miss Xena has Pip O' Plenty :D

So today after awhile of having her at Baby I decided to train Miss Xena but not before I crafted her some Nutty Candy Bars and Honey Tombs Cereal Snacks! Only bout a Half hour later She was at teen and manifested two Ultra rare (3 dot) Talents SuperCharge which gives her +15 Morale in the Derby =D but she got something so much better Pip O' Plenty! JACKPOT! Now I just need her to Manifest Feeling Weak and/or Mana Gift or Health Gift and my life will be complete :)

See ya Miss Xena is Calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Friday, July 23, 2010

4th Time is the Charm...

As many of you know especially those folks on my Twitter I've been going crazy to obtain a Hybrid pet. So tonight my good buddy Joshua Wyrmwraith (Compguru1 on Central) was on we both frequent the Merc 4 Hire topic. Anyway he was looking for a Hatching partner I at first wasn't gonna volunteer my Hydra Tigra because I have already made arrangements with my friend Cori Willowhaven (Alura Hexcaster's Myth alt)and her Orthrus Dexter which she raised specifically to hatch with Tigra because I swore an Oath the day I saw the Basilisk Hybrid pet that one day I would own one. Then I thought well everyone I hatch with seems to get the hybrid while I don't so I'll just help out a friend and get him a Hybrid turns out though Lady Luck was on my side and I obtained me a Reaver pet ;D named Miss Xena which hatches in 20 hours. I also think I hit the Jackpot with this pet it got Epic talents from both its parents and has a nice 55 Pedigree which is good as I often see Hybrid pets with a 50-52 Pedigree. BIG Thanks to Joshua and his Wraith Lillie and a BIG sorry to Cori don't worry though Alura I'll get the gold back soon I promise please don't strangle me! x Gets down on hands and knees and begs x Here are some Screen shots of the results :D
Don't think for a second folks it ends here Oh no I will own me a Basilisk Hybrid pet even if it kills me with it Deadly gaze! If you think 240,000 gold wasted so far is alot you don't know the lengths I'll go to get the Basilisk even if it costs me over 1,000,000 Gold to get it I will! Alura would probably laugh at this she always says "Alric you and your pets!"

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wandcast 8 Tonight!

Remember folks tonight is Dustin Mooncatcher's Podcast Wandcast 8 at 8:00pm EST 5:00pm PST and 6:00pm CST make sure to be there to listen in and if you joined his contest like I did you'll definitely want to be there when they announce the winner.

Wandcast Podcast  <---- Click to go to the Livestream page for the Podcast!

See ya the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Fame At a Price Episode IIV Postponed.........for a good reason though.

 I was up last night and decided to do Episode 7 of my comic I was gonna do the usual 1 page when suddenly I found myself drawing more and more then I realized I had finished drawing my comic. Only that it no longer was one page but three pages so that's why it'll be postponed cause I need to detail and color all those pages in so sit back and chill cause this Sorcerer has an awesome comic hot and is ready to dish out EPICness to you all. I will admit though its technically 2 pages the first page being the cover but the cover is still part of the comic itself so I'm counting it. I'll give you guys three teasers to hold you over.

* Bailey gets sort of evil in her battle against Spaz will it cost her?
* The Friendly Necromancer makes his return after being tied up for most of the comic
* Even though it seems friendly's capture and Bailey's rescue is in hours its in days how many who knows

There is still two Episodes left folks so don't think it's gonna end just yet ;)

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wizard101 Blogger's Club Presents: Wizard101 All-Star Meet & Greet Party

Come on out as the stars align to meet and say hello to some of your favorite community leaders! Port bus from Golem Court on Unicorn Area One leaves promptly at 8:00 PM CST and again at 8:15, and 8:30 so try not to miss it! The party will last until it falls apart, maybe even past 9:00! Hmm wonder why I'm not in there Lol. Don't miss it folks :D Check out the Offical event page. for the Party for more info.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 1st to The Mercenaries 4 Hire.

You know this post is special to me a year goes by fast and you don't realize how a group of people affect you well let me tell you The Merc 4 Hire team has had an effect on me. I owe them I do if it hadn't been for the very sucessful Tri Harvest Festival I wouldn't have met one of my dearest friends inside the game(though I'd consider her a friend outside anyway) Alura Hexcaster (though I admit I actually met her on her storm character Brianna Mooncloud)and along the way I made even more memorable friends like Cassandra Dragonheart,Aura*,and Army of Stones.Anyway I'd like to thank Christo Deathgiver for creating the Mercs without them many people including myself would not have half their grand gear or would have never made it out of the annoying Kensington Park instance,but more importantly the service has broken down walls that wizard who never had many wizard friends to help him now does the wizard who never thought he'd be able to beat the Secure House now has and obtained in the making the confidence to say "You know what I CAN do this" to whatever obstacles come their way and if he can't he knows (using the form of course ;) and setting up a time ahead) that the Merc team will always be able to help him or anyone who is in need of assistance.So folks in closing I'd like to wish the Mercs 4 Hire happy 1st anniversary I hope there are many more to come and I'm sure there will be as long as people need help. If you wanna send them your wishes go to this topic --> Merc 4 Hire 1st anniversary thread to request help with a quest or farming mission go to the offical topic Mercenaries 4 Hire. which will be added shortly to the links area to your right for easy access.

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Petnome Project: Offical relase of Website.

This is fantabulous news with a side of awesome sauce today is the OFFICAL release date of the Petnome Project website. First off hats of to The Petnome Team which includes mastermind Kevin Battleblood and that wandering conjurer (I never can find her she never stays put lol :P)Heather Raven for their dedication and extreme effort in this grand undertaking. Even as I sit here typing this listening to a very cool albeit weird song Lunatic fringe by Red Rider if you were wondering ;) I am still in awe of all the work they have done. Its far from over though as Talents and skills still need to be put in as variables change so will pages so respond to those Petnome E-mails and make sure to send in whenever your 1ST generation pets learn skills and talents to send them in using the form of course. The site will be shortly added to the links pages to your right for easy access. So for now just head over to The Chillanthropologist to say your thanks to Kevin and Petnome team for their amazing work.

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric R.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Upcoming!!! Fame At a Price Episode IIV

Just a small reminder for those who were interested in the comic about The Friendly Necromancer and his Uber wife Bailey Skystaff Fame At a Price Episode 7 should be up soon and it will continue Bailey's EPIC battle between Spaz of The Wiz Hunters :D

Smell ya'll later

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life A Palooza: Gotta love those Life school pets :D

This is sort of an update of what I've been doing In-game. So like all people these days I've been obsessed with collecting pets,mixing them,raising them etc the whole shebang. Now one thing I can say for certain is Death school pets (Pfft curse that school sometimes j/k) don't like me whatsoever I spent nearly a week farming the stubborn General Greystone for the Death cyclops pet to no avail. I also did the same thing in the Tree of Life farming Kagemoosha for the Death Bat and the Death Oni for a Leprechaun. Well last night again Life pulled through for me again and the Death Oni dropped a little Irish Myth called the Leprechaun Yay :D. Now if you hadn't heard over Twitter or his site The Two-Headed Wizard Arlen Dawneyes,Fallon Moongem,Heather Raven from The Wandering Conjurer (such a cool name for a site.),and of course myself helped Arlen's Storm Alt Mycin take on the Hall of Valor needless to say we won and I won too, a new awesome Life bat and a fourth Zombie pet to the disappointment of Arlen lol. So all I gotta say is Life pets love me and death pets hate me :\ here some screenshots of my new found love of Life pets (don't be mad sorcerers I still love Balance pets few there are more then any other school).

Finally got that little guy boy is it cute :D

All the life up in the Spiral throw your hands up its Life pet love baby! Lol.

Happy Farming!!!

Celestia Reveal Numero Ocho.

Just in a new character reveal and more added characters what's your take on the new silhouettes and about the new characters revealed? remember to look closely for new shadows.

Happy Farming!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reminder: Ravenwood Radio tonight Episode 20.

Don't forget to join Stephen and "Overlord" Leesha for Ravenwood Radio tonight at 8:30Pm Central time.
Click the link to go to site. Ravenwood Radio.

Happy Farming!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pet Maniac: I've got the itch to mix!

I being the way I am wanting to find new species of pets started doing experiments of my own last week so far they have ended in failures and lost of nearly 200,00 gold now that may seem like EPIC fail to many of you but it isn't this exploration has caused me to raise my pets to Adult and further to get desired Manifestations of Talents and Derby skills. I am determined to find an Ice Bat pet through mixing or at least obtain a Fire Bat pet. plus as an added bonus I've gotten cards for a few of them as well here are some pics I took of My Red Banshee Pet's attack and My Snow Serpent's attack.Enjoy!
I will own an Ice Bat pet that is a promise!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maintinence: Downtime for Update.

Yay! This will be a great update slashed hatching prices and a glimpse of what's to come for Celestia Woohoo!

Happy Farming!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Forgotten Army: Will be postponed.....for the time being.

In light of all the new stuff that has been revealed about Celestia I don't think I can write a story involving the aquatic world until I know more about it even the most fictitious stories have some sort of roots in truth and I feel that the fan fiction should hold some truth I could write a story but it wouldn't mesh well with Celestia we know now so until further notice The Forgotten Army is on hold until after the official release of Celestia and even then it will take awhile to write it honestly I wouldn't expect it until Very late December or early 2011.

Don't fret though I have been scribbling away (Both writing and drawing) and I have a good story planned that will take place at a place all to familiar Wizard City.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Story of Celestia.

Now if you were at Tuesdays show of Ravenwood Radio then you know Leesha Darkheart and her husband who writes for was invited to sit down with Josef Hall and J Todd Coleman and discuss Celestia
Anyone who was there Tuesday got to listen to the interview and see Concept Art for Celestia for those who missed Episode 19 can be downloaded and listened to from the Ravenwood Radio site just click on link.
You'll love this episode for all time I know I do I got in two Chat questions and one question for actual interview (I believed one of the questions I E-mailed was How did they come up with the name for Celestia?) anyway I was lucky enough to win me a Gobbler pet from the contest but that doesn't matter now. Leesha has posted on the Ravenwood Radio site the story of how Celestia came to be and its people. Also gives us insight on The Umbra Queen Morganthe So check it out and thank Overlord Leesha. :)

Link to page: Story of Celestia.

Happy Farming!!!