Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Why you no post Alric? *Clubs Blog Owner*

As many of you or maybe few of you are aware my Summer of Love has ended. I am back in the Old Pueblo -- that is Arizona. My time in Texas was great and I had so many wonderful moments with beautiful muse Alura Hexcaster whom wrote a lovely post detailing my stay. Link is below (No videos that's my bro KBB's thing :-P)
(Note: The misses has clubbed me in the head for my wording of the introduction Alura wishes to let it be know we weren't just a summer thing. So my bad for bad wording ;-) and sorry honey won't happen again can I get out of my room now?)

It's been almost 2 weeks and I regret even leaving her but our paths are forever intertwine and I am certain our wanderings through the forest will bring us back together on that field of gentle winds, sweet smells, and undying love.

As for why I haven't been posting? Life has just taken over and my time in game I haven't really wanted to write about. Sometimes you just need to enjoy what has been set in front of you. Speaking of I have been thoroughly enjoying Wysteria although yesterday's bugs drove me insane. I have completed Wysteria and ALL it's quests on my Necromancer Morgrim ShadowShade and next is Alric. I know your surprised I was too I didn't quest FIRST on Alric but sometimes it's good to switch things up.

As for Fame at a Price 2 I haven't done it. Real life stuff has eaten my time and I haven't had the focus or time to dive into it. I suspect though it won't be until September I might get it out but who knows? Only me! I have also been working on other projects as well. I'll let you guys in on a secret project of mine. I have been working on a series of stories (Think LOTR) for near 8 years and it's coming along great however it's nowhere near complete. At my rate I reckon it would be 10 years or more (Maybe 15) before I unveil but it's all up to the author. ;-)

I also can announce I got my POTTERMORE E-mail and have awesome beta access! It pays to have gotten my Quill on Day 1 w00t! Has me registered on July 31, 2011. My school is Gryffindor and my wand is 11 inches 3 quarters Rowan with a Unicorn Hair core.

A small note I have changed my Header in honor of my trip to the Japanese Gardens and the release of the Samoorai pet. 

And that is all for now. I'll leave you folks with some pictures of my trip to the Japanese Gardens in Ft. Worth, Texas. (Read the blog post in the link it'll make sense)

(The one with the two lizards was my favorite. They were doing some sort of mating ritual right there on the deck)
 (Bonus image! Same day but at the Water Gardens in downtown Ft. Worth Alura was a scared y cat and didn't wanna go down to the bottom)

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger A.K.A Lovable Dork.