Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grizzleheim pets and Mad genius special guest!

    Reminder folks tomorrow is Ravenwood radio #30 at 8 PM CST (any changes I am sure Leesha or Stephen will let us know via Twitter) be there as tomorrow they will have a special guest my friend and team lead of the Petnome Project Kevin Battleblood together with Leesha and Stephen they will discuss various strategies on the Star school! Also Wednesday begins the elections for President be sure to cast your vote! I know I'll be voting for my buddy and pyromancer Luke Goldhorn Go Luke! Woohoo!

      In other stuff I decided to complete my conquest of the Grizzleheim pet scene after a short while Fleshrender easily gave up the Mustard Troll for me. Gurtok Barrier Demon however was another story although he was easy to beat that Oni was a stubborn mule I got 4 Small toy trains(5 total) in a row and 3 Small wheelbarrows before it decided to give me the FireBat pet. It was worth it in the end though I no longer have to worry about farming for any pet in GH again now to finish up WC and KT! Wish me luck!

See ya folks there are pets that have yet to be hunted,
Alric Ravensinger

Pet Love - Spider Golem

     So today I decided to do a new pet love post I haven't done one in ages and it was of the Storm Bat! Today though we focus on a truly elusive pet. It's a pet many wizards *cough* Paige MoonShade *cough* have fought the pesky clockworks of Marleybone to get but so many fail yes you guessed it the Spider Golem!

       First let's just say how awesome it is Spider Golem your awesome with your jittery dance and awesome mechanical look! I remember when I first started my quest for pet hunting back in 09 the Spider Golem was going to be my crowning jewel cause up until the Advanced pets update it was the rarest and hardest pet to get in game it's no joke Kensington park was hard and Stoker a stubborn.....robot thing! Now however most people claim it's the Ianthine Spectre or Seraph but I've seen many people with those pets and so few even now with the Spider Golem.

    Let's take a look at the Spider Golem though ah yes one just needs to head over to the super reliable Petnome project website to view it's stats and talent pool Spider Golem. It is a Balance pet which makes my adoration for it resonate even more being a Sorcerer. It has a 55 Pedigree which is a nice considering it's a 1st generation pet and gives at Epic a card of the same name which does 325 Damage has 85% accuracy and casts a Power play (+35% Power Pip chance) bubble over the battlefield. It's not a bad card by any means but isn't particularly helpful either maybe in the right situation but that's just my personal opinion. Another problem that might deter people is in order to get the card you must train it to Epic which sadly most people don't like to do. It has solid stats across the board the highest being Strength at 250 and the lowest being Power at 200 coupled with 225 Will and a 215 Agility if you manifest talents like Add Balance or Unbalancer you'll have a nice 6% + I can almost guarantee that and possibly more through the hatching process. In comparison to other pets the Spider Golem's talent pool is also relatively standard Health and Mana gift, Add Balance,Unbalancer, and of course those lovely passive talents. However there is one talent that it has that is coveted by many it's a talent called Cloud O' Bugs which may cast a Balance spell according to Lady Judgement on Wizard 101 Central it casts a Locus Swarm with a constant damage of 305! That's awesome for us Balance wizards especially. (Click me).

    Lookswise Spider Golem is a little weird to some but to most it's pretty wicked looking. It reminds me of Centurion Spider which for those of you who don't know are creatures in the Xbox and PC game Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind! Which was a huge hit back in 2003 and won various awards including game of the year! see the resemblance Lol! Mostly what I love about it's design is it's expressionless face with it's piercing red eyes and the gear mechanisms in can clearly see in it's abdomen.

    So in ending for those who wish to get this super awesome pet I'd suggest finding someone to hatch with but for those who don't want mixed talentpools the Spider Golem is dropped by Stoker (Second encounter) in Kensington Park be prepared for a long fight cause Stoke is at the end of the instance! I myself if you've read my blog acquired a Spider Golem via hatching only took 1 year but I got it! (Above is my Golem Scooter at Epic in TR!) So ends this edition of pet love and who get's a whole lotta love? the Spider Golem!

See you folks Scooter wants to dance,
Alric Ravensinger

Sun farming and Mander savin'

         Last night was my true first night of actual fun and gameplay ITS! I got to see many friends I haven't in over a week like my super awesome tia Cassandra Dragonheart, Bailey Skystaff, and Luke Goldhorn! After it was all over though I was left not doing much and bang! I was saved by someone else s boredom Missy's to be exact! I had a blast with Missy, John Lifeglen, and of course Alura Hexcaster. We farmed for a nice bit in the Solar District and I was able to claw back from less than 10,000 gold to over 50,000 gold on the few runs we did. It does help though when you have a escort of veteran battling women who don't take names and make a killer (no pun intended) Shark fin soup!

      Afterward when Missy could no longer tell the sandman to go away Alura helped me along with her alt Jordan Duskflame (Fire)  FINALLY do the Tomb of the Beguiler I know very sad I had never done it before. It was a long but smooth run the amount of bosses was kinda eh but at my current power 67% to all Balance Attacks in case you are wondering ;) It was like fighting Mobs in Celestia. At the end of course Ngozi was defeated and all the little mander dudes were saved and this Sorcerer along with Jordan were given their Mander Savior badge! WOOT! WOOT! So fellow wizards,twizards,and since last night after that KICK-BUTT music conversation on twitter Rockin' twizards what have you been up to?

See ya folks the ROCK! and ROLL! is calling,
Alric Ravensinger

P.S. Shout out to all the rockin' twizard women you showed your stuff! you awesome girls make the rockin' world go round!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Test realm training and Live realm leveling!


    So, you who read my blog and play with me in game might just might have wondered where I crookshanks I went? Well I can say I STILL have no internet at my house and my parental duties as being a uncle/father like-ish figure to my nieces and nephews prevented me from seeing The Spiral. It's been a long week of deprivation but I am back for now to play and play hard. I'd like to extend a big thank you and heck I'll even bow to the lovely Alura Hexcaster who kept me in touch with the wizarding world via Phone,Yahoo Messenger,and Twitter! Not to mention she willingly train some of my pets in the TR a tedious task no doubt especially for someone who has a great disdain for training.

   It seems though I wasn't the only one out of commission seems like my mentor and good friend Kevin Battleblood had some Computer woes himself but is back in action now! Woot! Shockingly for those who know me well I did NOT opt to train my pets as soon as I logged in I decided instead to start leveling up my Storm wizard Isaac Storm who is in dire need of getting his wizard booty to DS and CL. He has been held up by none other than ALURA HEXCASTER! No no just kidding lol. I am the one to be blame for this my lack of enthusiasm in questing dealt a deathly blow and I never mind training a pet so it slowly put a kaput to leveling I can say though that today my Storm wizard Isaac Storm is Lvl 42 and got his Stormzilla spell! He is currently in the Ancient Burial Grounds and on his way to Death no Oni then Jade no Oni! Wish me luck folks and hope to see you all ITS!

See you folks a storm is about to hit the spiral,
Alric Ravensinger

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Petnome and Contest stuff!

First off, I'd like to congratulate the Petnome team for making it onto Wizard101's official fansite page! Gratz to all those in the community as well who submitted talents and continue to help uncover and unlock the potential each pet has! Bravo! Remember if you ever need info on pet talents be sure to check out the site which gives comprehensive data for each pet as the community and the petnome team unlock each pet's talent pool.

In other pet related news the Facebook contest Wizard101 is having is ending in 10 days! Be sure to like their page and to get everyone you know to like it as well. The goal this time is 128,000 fans by November, 28th and EVERYONE will get a mystery pet this contest is like the one for the Danger Hound but much easier in my opinion so get everyone to become a fan we are currently at 112,377 fans so close!

See ya folks pet training is calling,

Alric Ravensinger

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boss Special: Calypso, Queen of the Seas!

          Ah yes the focus of this post is Calypso, Queen of the Seas. A boss like no other and my favorite boss added by the Celestia expansion. First off let's do this stat wise, Calypso is a Rank 10 Death Boss (I know Death, why not Storm but I might have an answer for that) with 7,785 Health She isn't too bad but Calypso has guards with her 1-3 Sea Booters depending on how many are there. Don't fret though if ONLY ONE person enters battle then they go away until the end where you'll have 2 Sea Booters waiting for you but they don't have to be fought. As far as cheats go Calypso is NOT a cheating boss. Although she does got a few tricks up her um arms? cause she has no sleeves :P She attacks with the Death ninja pig attack which does modest 490 of damage BUT more annoyingly after the damage you get slapped with a weakness! Bleh! She also likes to Wraith on the first turn or when she gets 6 pips so watch out for that but once the Sea Booters or as Kevin Battleblood calls "Blue Old Bums" are out Calypso is easy! I know I solo her all the time but it's just fun in groups!

           As far as lore goes Calypso is most famous for her role within the Odyssey in which she held Odysseus captive on her island for many years. Mostly she is mentioned as the daughter of the Titan Atlas but other accounts say she is the daughter of Oceanus (World Ocean) or Nereus (Old man of the Sea). Now back to her name Calypso now it's uncertain but it may be derived from Kalyptein which means to "Run away in Fear" which Apocalypse is also derived from. So some scholars say it's save to assume in very ancient Greece or Rome Calypso was a DEATH GODDESS! Which would explain why she is a Death boss or KI could just have done it cause she is undead after all. Soul and Ship intertwined!

As for drops she drops good gold drops as well as the best version Lvl 58 Fire hat,Storm boots,Storm ring,and Athame. She also drops nice necklaces to keep or sell such as Vial of the Sun and Nova necklace.
For you pet hunters and gold savers Calypso also drops the Starfish pet so you can get the pet without shelling out the 12,000 gold at the CL Pet vendor. So this is your Boss special on the Queen of the Sea now go farm her for riches!

See you folks her Siren voice is calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Monday, November 8, 2010

I proved my light was brigther....I charmed my way to victory...and the clouds parted with the coming of the true sun god!

Yeah yeah I know title is sort of Eh. It is however what I have been doing for the most part farming for my Lvl 58 Gear the "best" versions available. I have had much fun and gotten my Lvl 58 hat and boots but that pesky Mithraya refuses to give me my United Longcoat. She will tremble soon though at the ancient power of Ra and give me my robe after all he wasn't called the Balancer for no reason. I also as you all know if you read my blog I have been hatching and have obtained a Krokotillian (62), a Inferno Hound (60)13, and finally a Ice Oni (63)11 in the past week.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Readers......Celestia is EPIC!

So some of you might be wondering what happened to me. After Celestia was launched the only place I was active was on Twitter and In the Spiral. Well that's it after Celestia was launched I went jamming first with my dear Alura Hexcaster and her alt Jordan Duskflame then mostly by myself. Last night I finished the Crustacean Empire with the help of Bailey Skystaff and Destiny Mistshard and hit Lvl 60 yes that's right I am Alric Ravensinger Legendary Sorcerer.
A special thanks to these people though who helped me some along the way.

- Lauren Ironbane
- Luke Goldhorn
- Talon Skysinger
- Bailey Skystaff
- Destiny Mistshard

I also did some farming with my pet buddy Edward Nightbreaker and won a Sea Dragon from Astraeus which just hatched 30 minutes ago from the time of this post. So go farm Astraeus now!
I also wanna thank my peeps Kevin Battleblood and Fallon Soul ( @ScarznStripez on Twitter) for helping me get my best Balance Athame from the Stormriven bosses. Kevin himself got a nice prize from Cuthalla (I call him Dagroloth still) a Spinyfish pet!

So how far along are you wizards? I am currently in the Solar District then I assume the Trial of Spheres.