Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grizzleheim pets and Mad genius special guest!

    Reminder folks tomorrow is Ravenwood radio #30 at 8 PM CST (any changes I am sure Leesha or Stephen will let us know via Twitter) be there as tomorrow they will have a special guest my friend and team lead of the Petnome Project Kevin Battleblood together with Leesha and Stephen they will discuss various strategies on the Star school! Also Wednesday begins the elections for President be sure to cast your vote! I know I'll be voting for my buddy and pyromancer Luke Goldhorn Go Luke! Woohoo!

      In other stuff I decided to complete my conquest of the Grizzleheim pet scene after a short while Fleshrender easily gave up the Mustard Troll for me. Gurtok Barrier Demon however was another story although he was easy to beat that Oni was a stubborn mule I got 4 Small toy trains(5 total) in a row and 3 Small wheelbarrows before it decided to give me the FireBat pet. It was worth it in the end though I no longer have to worry about farming for any pet in GH again now to finish up WC and KT! Wish me luck!

See ya folks there are pets that have yet to be hunted,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. Hmmm....if he drops both fire bats and trains, then that's definitely worth a little time. I so want a train for Christmas. :-)