Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fame At a Price Episode VI: "Spark and Crackle" now up for viewing!

Continuing the adventure Bailey Skystaff has begun her confrontation with The Wiz hunters who have her husband The Friendly Necromancer captured. Firing off a Phoenix before The Wiz hunters could even think but does Spaz Darkmancer's personal bodyguard got a trick under his sleeve is he unlike The Evil theurgist actually a good fighter? Read to find out! Click to enlarge Image. (Note: Want to read all the comics go to the right and under Contact info I have added links to all the comics I've done so far)

Happy Farming!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh no! The Shadow Weavers are bugged.

That's right everyone the bugs are bugged. There have been reports (Some I have personally witnessed) when you fight the Shadow Weavers in The Crucible instance to get to Vesna Shadowscar that after you defeat the 4 Shadow weaver minions it says you need to defeat them again. This of course will cause a minor inconvenience for some as you'll most likely have to fight them again to further in this particular part of the quest. Just make sure you report the bug to KI and provide as much detail as possible and remember to be safe and wary.
Happy Farming!!!

Alric R. and The Lady Mercenaries!

As many of you know or have guessed now I'm really tight with most (If not all) The Mercenaries for Hire team over at Central. Today I was lucky enough to hang out with the mercs and do a little Shadow Weaver crushing!
Its interesting to note that while I was with these wonderful Soldiers for Hire A few fellow W101 members allowed a screenshot or two of the new gear (Possibly common?) I don't have clothing images but rather Stat images anyway I'd like to thank Keira Nighthunter,Cassandra Dragonheart,Alura Hexcaster(As her Death Alt),Sabrina Rubybreeze,and James Ghostrider for their assistance in making this story possible.
Look how cool we all look here.
Happy Farming!!!

Celestia Tablet + Crazy for Balestrom!!!

Ok so I was in the Test realm Today with my good pal Rogan Bluebreeze why you ask cause I forgot I hadn't finished Dragonspyre. Rogan being the good friend he is allowed me to tag-a-long with him as we fought the Shadow Weavers. Now As you know Good ole Thomas Lionblood from The Friendly Necromancer decoded the Message check out his blog here to find out. Other then that though I found another message in plain english below the coded message which reads "Sphinx of Black quartz Judge my Vow" What could this mean however is anyone's guess Hint* Kevin Battleblood Hint*.
Remember to Click images to enlarge.

Happy Farming!!!

Test Realm open for Celestia Pre-quest.

That's right now run to the test realm lol.
Check out Patch notes Here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh my Lady Luna!

Today I decided to take a break from leveling up Isaac Storm My storm wizard for some well deserved training for Lady Luna (Who saved my tush more then once against the Death bosses of Wizard City) and just some fun for myself 35-40 Minutes later She went up from sweet new to the world Luna to I think I know everything and will live forever Teen Luna both though are in my favor as I unlocked an awesome Derby skill and neat Talent.

Perfection!!! What can I say Lol.
Slick-N-Slide Oh my!
Now I need a Talent where I'm immune to Debuffs and Lady Luna will be perfect for the Pet Derby. :)
Added Accuracy to Life spells is nice now I won't have to worry about the 5% chance my Treasure Centaur will fizzled in a tough situation Life wizards know what I'm talking about that one time you need your Centaur to hit and you know it will and BANG Fizzle just right when you wanted to do that Uber awesome hit against Malistaire.

Happy Farming!!!

Sneak Peek 2 The forgotten Army: The Raven Warriors Mercenaries for hire.

Click to enlarge. Enjoy.
For those who are concerned I have forgotten about Fame At a Price I haven't Episode 6 is coming soon.

Happy Farming!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reminder: Check your E-mail if you submitted to the Petnome Project.

Yes folks the amazing people who run the Petnome Project have started sending out E-mails to anyone who submitted any Derby skills or Talents to the site and hasn't provided a Screenshot yet. It takes no time at all and you'll be helping discover what true powers our pets can have. So check your E-mails and submit the information requested.
This takes a lot of help from you the community and even Pet farming Extraordinaire s like Heather Raven and Kevin Battleblood  can't do this on their own. So help out and feel good that your helping someone. :)

Happy Farming!!!

Ravensinger Diary : Entry 2 - Chilly birds and Angelic voices.

So in this entry about my W101 adventures I can happily report that I have found Taylor Swift yes that's right the Taylor swift Prof. Greyrose was talking about on twitter which can be found below.

So without further ado here is myself and Taylor Swift lol.

Also a few days ago I decided to do a Kensington Park run with Kevin Battleblood and his little posse.
First of all I'd like to say that Kevin and his group of friends are one of the most organized team of players I've seen they had a mission (Stoker) and prepared promptly. It was quite a change of pace from the more laid back play I do with my friends. All in all though it was a fun run and I can say now two things first off I love the Ice Bird pet that Kevin had and two the Seraph pet is officially mine though I admit I wanted the Spider Golem pet. Here are some screen shots of Kevin's Ice bird laying some smackdown on 1st Stoker and My dear friend Brianna (Some of you might know her as Alura Hexcaster she is a Mercenary for M4H on Central).
Happy Farming!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sneak Peek My new Fanfic!: The forgotten Army

 Celestia Myths and Legends
By Bellicus

Erisa Goddess of discord
Leader of The Dyscordian Army
Her goals the ruin of Celestia and the enslavement of it's people to her will.
She and her army were nearly successful in Celestia's downfall when an unknown enemy appeared not even a god could foresee. They swept across the land mighty and terrible like the great Titans themselves. They defeated the goddess and her army and imprisoned them never hoping Erisa would come to power again. For they wanted Celestia to themselves. But the goddess and her army did not perish for a god doesn't die so easily. Erisa and her army survived the long centuries for as long as she lived they did master and servant linked forever. Trapped and entombed Erisa and the Dyscordian Army wait silently beneath the waves. To be reawakened and to take vengeance on the force that supplanted her long ago-the Shadow Weavers and once again rule Celestia with a choking grasp.
(The ancient book is damaged its impossible to read further)

10 Million Players

Ten Million Wizards Join Forces to Save the Spiral

Ten Million Wizards Join Forces to Save the Spiral in Wizard101

PLANO, TEXAS (June 22, 2010) – KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. today announced that since its launch in September 2008, more than 10 million Wizards have registered to play Wizard101. Today, the Wizard101 player base continues to grow at an accelerating rate and KingsIsle expects rapid growth to continue for the foreseeable future.

“Over the last twenty months our domestic launch has taken us from an unheard of company with an unknown product to running one of the most successful properties in the family entertainment space,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “I am profoundly grateful to the millions of extraordinary people who call Wizard City home and the talented writers, artists, designers, producers and engineers who have come together to create this magical world.”

While the technical and creative design requirements to create a virtual, safe and compelling online universe such as Wizard101 are enormous, it is the active and enthusiastic community of players that truly makes Wizard101 come alive.

“We are overwhelmed and honored by this huge achievement,” said J. Todd Coleman, VP and Creative Director of KingsIsle Entertainment. “We will continue our work to add exciting new content and features to Wizard101 through the launch of our next world, Celestia, and well beyond.”

As a small gesture of thanks to the wonderful denizens of Wizard City, KingsIsle Entertainment is offering every Wizard a complementary “Party Pack” and encouraging them to throw a grand celebration welcoming Wizard #10,000,001 to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Each Party Pack will contain a decorative banner, balloons, a festive party hat and a celebratory cake.

To receive this FREE item set, simply go to and enter the word PARTYPACK.

In Wizard101, kids and families enter the magical world of Wizard City as student Wizards setting out to hone their Wizard skills, cast spells and summon powerful creatures to fight evil forces. The characters and worlds of Wizard101 are influenced by literature, history and pop culture, giving the game a depth and quality appreciated by families and players of all ages.

Wizard101 can be downloaded at Players seeking access to premium areas and items may purchase pre-paid cards in participating stores or purchase a subscription or Crowns online. New worlds, activities, pets and Wizard clothing are periodically added to the game, creating an ever-changing world with new things to see and do.

About KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality massively multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the entire family. Wizard101, KingsIsle’s flagship property, has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards. Wizard101 was named the #1 Best Family/All Age Game by Beckett Massive Gamer Magazine, and the #1 Best Family Game by for 2009. The company’s experienced and creative team is raising the bar in online entertainment by offering products with rich storylines, friendly navigation, top-quality art and fully-voiced characters. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit

KingsIsle and Wizard101 are trademarks or registered trademarks of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. 
Wow Ten Million folks that's fantabulous!
Congrats to KI and everyone for making this teh Uber game ever.
Happy Farming!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Reveal: Celestia Wallpaper adds a new character-Brass Man!!!

So today KI has graced us with a new a character reveal one people have been asking about since this Wallpaper was first revealed to us. Introduce Brass man who with his drill and diver armor looks like a Marleybonian creation (Though its very possible that I'm wrong) that does the dirty work literally for those cats and dogs (Probably more for cats cause of their issues with water) and their reserach into all things ancient. Click to enlarge.

Happy Farming!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Remembering the past and looking toward the future.

So I watched Toy Story 3 on friday and was really moved by the movie. Basically Andy is all grown up now and has forgotten about good ole Woody and the gang. Without ruining the movie for you folks i'll just say the movie ends on a good note but also leaves a sad impression on you especially those who grew up with the series like myself. But that's not what this is about its about growing up and how we forget the things and people who once made us happy. I just want to tell you all to never forget those things even in a game like Wizard101 where having the best gear has replaced things like having an item cause you obtained it with a dear friend. The same goes for people I have seen it myself deleting true friends for a game figure. I myself have been caught in this vicious cycle of popular trending. So I say to all you know never forget those things once upon a time we were all novice wizards and had friends who we quested with in Wizard City. Never forget them they are our true friends. Happy Farming!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

I'd just like to wish every father across the Spiral Happy Father's Day.
It takes a lot to be a father and in today's world it can even be tougher so lets honor those father's who have.
Whether your a new father or have been a father for many years thank you all for being there to shows us the way when we get lost or to help us pick up ourselves when we have fallen and can't see the light no more for teaching us it's not only just having a child but about being there all their lives cause that's what makes a real man actions not words. So again thank you all fathers and a personal thanks to my Brother Chris who wasn't just my brother but also my father I'd be lost without you bro and I love you. :)

  Happy Farming folks!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Comic/Site News:Fame At a Price II Postponed Indefinately

I have decided to postpone Fame At a Price II which would have starred Leesha Darkheart and Stephen Spiritcaller indefinably. After the The Friendly Necromancer Arch is concluded which will be soon. As you may know Friendly's arch is Season I and after it I've decided I want to start something different now so I after a few days of debating have found what I wanted to write about as many of you know yesterday I and Friendly posted (and probably many other sites and blogs) posted about the Celestia hints from Beckett Pokemon Issue #127 I have decided to write a Fan fiction of sorts about a Mercenary who is hired to accompany a Marleybonian Team to an alternate excavation site The Marleybonian team and this Mercenary soon discovers a lost and forgotten temple they begin to unravel its secrets and soon find out some things were better left forgotten.

I will probably spend awhile writing up the first parts so don't expect this for awhile but soon I'll start to introduce characters from the story.

So for now I introduce the title of this story

The Forgotten Army 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Beckett Pokemon Issue #127: Reveals Celestia hints/questline and new Villians!

So after I read this on Central I decided this needed posting quickly this sort of exploration excites me greatly and I am giddy as a girl for Celestia now enjoy. Credit of course to Willowdreamer on Central for providing the story give them your thanks!

"After attaining the rank of Grand Master and defeating Malistaire, you are summoned to Ravenwood by Halston Balestrom, who explains that he has received a cryptic message on a strange device, the Resonating Omni-Audio-graph.
Balestrom asks for help decoding the message and sends you to Krokotopia to fina an ancient artifact that will help in the translation. Upon arrival, you discover that the item you need has been stolen, broken apart and scattered throughout the Spiral by a group of mysterious villains."
"It's up to you to travel across the Spiral and defeat a cadre of villains to get the pieces Balestrom requires. Gradually, you learn more about these mysterious enemies, discovering that they are the Shadow Weavers, a secret order of Wizards with sinister plans.
Upon successfully decoding Balestrom's mysterious message, you learn that it originates from a long-lost Marleybonian survey team from the Spiral Geographic Society, a league of explorers who set out long ago to find the lost world of Celestia. According to the message, the explorers believe they have stumbled upon an important discovery, but they are trapped and in great danger!"
"With this new information, Balestrom concludes that the Shadow Weavers are after the ancient Spiral Key to Celestia, held in the Spiral Geographic Society archives. He asks you to travel to the Society headquarters and retrieve the Spiral Key. However, upon arrival in Marleybone, you discover that this simple errand will become a daunting trial, requiring you to overcome a squadron of Shadow Weavers and other powerful forces eager to keep Celestia lost and its secrets unknown.
After defeating the final enemy, you find a blackened, broken Spiral Key... now you must discover whether it is shattered forever, or if it can be remade to function again!"
Willowdreamer also provided Pictures from the Magazine.

  Shadow Weavers? Seems like this summer we will do more then squish spiders now :)
Happy Hunting!!!

Fame At a Price Episode V: "I know that Yell" is now up for viewing.

In this installment Bailey wandering around underneath Nightside hears a familiar yell -Its Thomas her husband soon Bailey finds she has found the evil group who has kidnapped her husband and she isn't happy at what she sees. Read to find out more.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fame At a Price Episode V: "I know that Yell" Coming soon.

Within the next three days I should have Episode V up Continuing Bailey's infultration into The Wiz hutners hideout. I promise this episode will start off a epic fight scene between Bailey and the Wiz Hunters and conclude the Friendly Necromancer Arch of Fame At a Price. For those who might be sad there is still many more to come expect two to three more Episodes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh how I love thee my Shelby!

So for those of you who don't know I didn't just get Shelby (My Crabling) cause of its relation to Celestia or the fact that its just a snazzy looking pet. I love me Shelby more then a Pirate loves rum (Kids if you don't know what rum is keep it that way ;) ) or good ole Malistaire loves being bad. So I'm happy to say my dear Shelby is an adult and well on her way to Ancient just look at those stats! I won't lie either that Health Gift Talent is Teh Best lol. So my question is what pet have you trained the most or put most effort into?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The many Pets of Alric R. plus hanging out with The Pet Master.

So last night I got together with Connor Mistblade you might know who he is as the new apprentice of our beloved Pet Master Connor might answer to the name of Pet Keeper anyhow I decided to help ole Connor farm for the Crabling Pet everyone is dying to get I was lucky to get another Crabling while our guests Connor and The Pet Master who ported to our farming a little later were still unsuccessful all in all though I believe we had a good night. I saw Connor's house and both got to see my UBER Balance house. While Edward (The Pet Master) got a little extra treat and saw my storm house which I'll be using for just my pets. Oh and one more reminder to myself anyway Pet Master sorry for leaving we'll have to check out hatching prices some other time :) Happy Farming!!!

In this pic are some of the fifty pets I have out here I plan on making this outside just for pets.

Me and The Pet Master at my Casa!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing the Crab Gang and A very tasty Meal :)

So today I hooked up with two lovely ladies you might know them one is my best friend Grace Souldust the other is the Newest member of The Mercenaries 4 Hire and a dear friend Alura Hexcaster. Today after many insults from Alura and Girl Power attacks from both of them we managed to Farm the Crazy forest spirit for the Crabling as many of you might not know me and Grace got ours days ago today was all about Alura getting hers and after about 45 minutes - 1 hour  Bosco was born and so was the aptly named Crab Gang Its leader of course is me (Alura and Grace are too loppy for the job) all in all though congrats Alura my dear friend. Now we all have Crabs YAY! This screen shot was also taken at my new storm house which I purchased that very same battle Alura won her Crabling I finally got 100,00 Gold :)

Shelby was mad that I took her from her man Bosco and nipped me on my backside that kinda pet disobedience doesn't fly with me so I had to do it................Into the Fire ya go baby Yummy Crab Meat hehe.
Happy Farming!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Episode IV: "Its a Bird,Its a Dragon,No its Bailey" is now up for viewing :)

Episode IV kicks off Bailey's search for her husband the missing Friendly Necromancer with the advice of Mortis the Death tree Bailey was able to find the hidden door to The Wiz Hunters Hideout but has Bailey found a place lost in history? What lies at the depths of Nightside? Read to find out!

Don't expect to see Episode V any time soon as I'm taking a short break from drawing :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Diary of a Wizard on Mainsite again. :)

This time it was to announce their 1st birthday to the world and rave about that super awesome epic fantastic Party we had woot woot it was fun but I still  didn't get to add friendly nor did I see his uber wife lol tsk tsk friendly that's all I gotta say tsk tsk.

Ravenwood Newsletter for June - KingIsle is in the news.

So today I decided to go on twitter to see if Heather Raven over at The Wandering Conjurer got her Crabling pet and I saw this The June Newsletter is out giving us a little news on Celestia what's way more important though is that KI was on a local Austin news station talking about the success of Wizard101 and how awesome and family oriented Wizard101 is again though something more important was sought we got to see parts of the celestia hub and saw that Mr krabs over here has animations of a bad minion or boss getting whooped by us players. enjoy! Happy Farming.

Oh btw if you were wondering she hasn't yet got the Crabling but that woman is persistent she'll get it soon.