Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ravensinger Diary : Entry 2 - Chilly birds and Angelic voices.

So in this entry about my W101 adventures I can happily report that I have found Taylor Swift yes that's right the Taylor swift Prof. Greyrose was talking about on twitter which can be found below.

So without further ado here is myself and Taylor Swift lol.

Also a few days ago I decided to do a Kensington Park run with Kevin Battleblood and his little posse.
First of all I'd like to say that Kevin and his group of friends are one of the most organized team of players I've seen they had a mission (Stoker) and prepared promptly. It was quite a change of pace from the more laid back play I do with my friends. All in all though it was a fun run and I can say now two things first off I love the Ice Bird pet that Kevin had and two the Seraph pet is officially mine though I admit I wanted the Spider Golem pet. Here are some screen shots of Kevin's Ice bird laying some smackdown on 1st Stoker and My dear friend Brianna (Some of you might know her as Alura Hexcaster she is a Mercenary for M4H on Central).
Happy Farming!!!

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