Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sneak Peek My new Fanfic!: The forgotten Army

 Celestia Myths and Legends
By Bellicus

Erisa Goddess of discord
Leader of The Dyscordian Army
Her goals the ruin of Celestia and the enslavement of it's people to her will.
She and her army were nearly successful in Celestia's downfall when an unknown enemy appeared not even a god could foresee. They swept across the land mighty and terrible like the great Titans themselves. They defeated the goddess and her army and imprisoned them never hoping Erisa would come to power again. For they wanted Celestia to themselves. But the goddess and her army did not perish for a god doesn't die so easily. Erisa and her army survived the long centuries for as long as she lived they did master and servant linked forever. Trapped and entombed Erisa and the Dyscordian Army wait silently beneath the waves. To be reawakened and to take vengeance on the force that supplanted her long ago-the Shadow Weavers and once again rule Celestia with a choking grasp.
(The ancient book is damaged its impossible to read further)

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