Saturday, March 26, 2011

EverythingWhatnot - New Podcast by Dustin MoonCatcher and David TitanRider

Hey guys Alric here just came by to let you all know of a new Podcast by community members Dustin MoonCatcher and David TitanRider.

Listen to Everything Whatnot Episode I here.

This completely new podcast and blog will stray away from being exclusively a Wizard101 podcast as they wish to also focus on other aspects that make a podcast great such as Gaming, Social Media, and Culture. I suggest everyone takes a second to give it a listen and maybe you'll learn something about everything and whatnot.

Remember this podcast is NOT solely a Wizard101 podcast.

Follow their blog here and download the episodes which there is currently only one here at itunes.

Killer Penguin - David TitanRider
Feared Bumblebee - Dustin MoonCatcher

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Birthday Party!

Although my Birthday is officially over the party has yet to begin!
Yesterday March 23rd marked my 20th year on this place called Earth and it's been a great but short journey so far. I just wanted to formally invite you all to my party which will be tomorrow Friday the 25th at 4:00 PM MST.
You can check out more info here at Diary of a Wizard Connect X.

Details for my 20th Birthday Party

(Thanks to the PVP Party Forum for the Shoutout hope to see y'all there)

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

More play!

   Hello Wizards as you can tell it's been awhile since I updated my blog I have been busy both IRL and with other games. As many of you know I am a avid player and fan of Pokemon -- I will admit I sort of put Wiz101 on the Back burner to Play my Pokemon White Version. I won't go into detail about that as many of you probably don't care how freakin' awesome I am at Pokemon (Insert big head here). However I also on the weekend of B/W's release went on a little vacation to California with my older brother, his girlfriend, and my little niece.

  I went to a place I have been wanting to go to since I was a young child -- DisneyLand! I know right? It's amazing how can't you be enchanted even as you grow older by the place. If anything I say the adult is in more need of imagination like that except you adult wizards you guys are chock full of imaginative stuff lol. Everything was awesome although expensive the only ride that utterly creeped me out was the "It's a small world" that was just odd but it did allow me to rest my feet for 10 min. I know that sounds bad but I bet even some of your feet would hurt after walking for nearly 12 hours through a amusement park.

  We ended up staying longer in California after 3 days in Anaheim we went down to San Diego I also got to go to a place I have wanted to in a long time the San Diego Zoo. The zoo was absolutely amazing it definitely beat the Reid Park Zoo here in Tucson (Shout out here for my fellow Tucsonan -- Stephen Spiritcaller!) and although there were many people the zoo is so big it wasn't in the least bit crowded.

 Once I got home I had a nice Pokemon White Version waiting for me in my room and since March 9th I've been in Poke-Mode. Over the past week though my Wiz101 bug had been fueled at the announcement of Wintertusk the new world that will continue the story first written in Grizzleheim. I am already theory crafting on possible plots I know why theory craft? cause like Stephen said on RR it's freakin' fun! Ok ok he didn't say freakin' but it's certainly fun. (Intentional exclusion of the new hybrids. I don't wanna go into that I feel the same way Kev explains on his Vlog #2 which can be watched here.)

   I also want to mention to you wizards that I plan to debut Fame at a Price 2 sometime in April. It's really shaping up and I have a solid plot now as I said before everyone who reads is in store for some time when they say "what the kraken?!" I'll have to ask them for the green light but during one of the lively PVP Party Forum parties I saw Icy, Fallon, and Stephen together in their awesome style and fashion. My muse (SorceressMiklai) right then smacked me and I hatched an idea for a side comic involving all three. Let's just say if I do go ahead (It won't be debuting any time soon) with this side comic you will see Spy-Bond stuff meets Wizard101 magic. Dark Trinity FTW!!!

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fame at a Price 2

   Yep that's right it's happening I already have begun my work on FAAP2 *sounds of gasping erupts from the crowd*. No, actually if you've been following me on Twitter you would of already known for awhile now hehe. This installment will be (along with Alexander Comic) my most ambitious yet it has everyone who is anyone in it. Now I am hoping to debut both comics together BUT FAAP is easier for me to draw so we'll see but yay! it's finally formally announced hehe. I hope y'all who enjoyed FAAP will love this one cause it's definitely more personal as many of it's stars are personal friends. ^_^

   I can give you some of the names you'll see in this next comic and it's definitely a star studded cast for sure.
 A note however before I move on unless I ask otherwise please DO NOT E-mail me, DM, or Facebook me asking to be in the comic. If I need cameos or extras I'll ask and honestly guys last FAAP I got a bunch of spam of people asking me to be in the comic. Now let's see the credits (sort of):

- Thomas Lionblood
- Bailey Skystaff
- Kevin Battleblood
- Fallon Deathslinger < --awesome voice just saying ;)
- Cassandra Dragonheart (My tia <3)
- Christina Icedreamer
- Stephen Spiritcaller
- and many, many more.

Also this comic will introduce new characters as well as some old ones I plan for back stories and little "mini" side comics for this one I am really excited for it cause the price paid is being doubled and there is a lot more trouble this time around.

I'll give you guys who do enjoy the comic a little food for thought maybe you can hatch your own theories on what will happen this time here goes. Spaz DOES makes a return however this time he is back with reinforcements.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger