Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fame at a Price 2

   Yep that's right it's happening I already have begun my work on FAAP2 *sounds of gasping erupts from the crowd*. No, actually if you've been following me on Twitter you would of already known for awhile now hehe. This installment will be (along with Alexander Comic) my most ambitious yet it has everyone who is anyone in it. Now I am hoping to debut both comics together BUT FAAP is easier for me to draw so we'll see but yay! it's finally formally announced hehe. I hope y'all who enjoyed FAAP will love this one cause it's definitely more personal as many of it's stars are personal friends. ^_^

   I can give you some of the names you'll see in this next comic and it's definitely a star studded cast for sure.
 A note however before I move on unless I ask otherwise please DO NOT E-mail me, DM, or Facebook me asking to be in the comic. If I need cameos or extras I'll ask and honestly guys last FAAP I got a bunch of spam of people asking me to be in the comic. Now let's see the credits (sort of):

- Thomas Lionblood
- Bailey Skystaff
- Kevin Battleblood
- Fallon Deathslinger < --awesome voice just saying ;)
- Cassandra Dragonheart (My tia <3)
- Christina Icedreamer
- Stephen Spiritcaller
- and many, many more.

Also this comic will introduce new characters as well as some old ones I plan for back stories and little "mini" side comics for this one I am really excited for it cause the price paid is being doubled and there is a lot more trouble this time around.

I'll give you guys who do enjoy the comic a little food for thought maybe you can hatch your own theories on what will happen this time here goes. Spaz DOES makes a return however this time he is back with reinforcements.

Until next time your friend,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. out of curiosity, mind making me a minor character later on, i mean i am featured, and not well known.

    or in other words, i just suppressed an urge to beg you to be in the series.

  2. @Mistheart Don't we all want to be in the series ;D. Can't wait Alric :)

  3. Oh, it's on SPAZ! me + community = you defeated. MATHMATICAL!