Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Halloween but it feels like it's Easter and X-mas....


      Dead leaves are lay on the ground wizards are about searching for pumpkins and ghosts some something more. But this wizard has been on hatching frenzy I feel as if I am in the same league as Dr. Purreau now. I even have been accused by Arlen Dawneyes from Twoheadedwiz that I am part of some hatching clan with my peeps Kevin Battleblood . But besides that accusation which I can't deny nor acknowledge (We are a secret group ;) J/k Lol  ) I have some great friends in The Spiral.  
      My dear friend and comic co-star Bailey Skystaff gave me a MEGA snack pack I was very surprised when I logged into Alric and saw a Gift icon. Before that though my sweet,dear friend Alura Hexcaster gave me a gift card worth 5,000 crowns which I was promptly given instructions by her to buy that Black Cat pet I always wanted thanks dear you are the best and you know it! Finally my good friend Luke Goldhorn over at The Pyromancer's Digest was helping my storm wizard Isaac in Hametsu village when he noticed Isaac wasn't up to date on his gear and gave me a Phosphorescent Maul for Isaac thanks a ton all of you I feel so special like I matter :) as weird as that sounds cause I know I do--to someone anyways =P

    Now back to the pets! With a little help from my friends *cough* Kevin *cough* I made a new friend and farming buddy named Lauren Ironbane who has a pet I have sought and coveted for over a year now yep that's right you guessed it THE SPIDER GOLEM! Lauren was kind enough to mix with my Nightwalker Shadow A.K.A Nightwalker #1 and............O: I got the Spider golem! Holy snapple! FINALLY! Thanks Lauren thank you so much!

    In other news of pet hatching business my Ice hound and Nightwalker #1 (I have 3 now) are both adult and have some pretty decent stats unfortunately for now I only have picture of my Ice hound at teen.My aforementioned Black Cat pet is at teen now and manifested Curse giver! :D now to work on my Pale Maiden I won from The Dean in The Labyrinth!

EDIT: I am a total goof ball! Also in other news my dear friend Cassandra Dragonheart A.K.A Tia! got Warlord rank in PvP congratulations Tia your a battling beast!

You can read about it and her other PvP adventures on her blog From The Heart of a Dragon

Thank all of you who read my blog and cheers,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whirlwind of adventure.

Yep silly me I have so much fun in game sometimes I forget to post about this amazin' game. So instead of doing separate posts let's do a run down of the last week.

( No order or rhythm just listed)

-Hung out with Luke Goldhorn and Isaac Mistheart at Luke's Storm/CL house.
-Hung out with Kevin Battleblood cause he is my peeps and cause he's fun to farm with, and is my mentor in everything pets, AND is really insightful person to talk about IRL stuff so yeah.
- Got sad cause Christo Deathgiver left the Mercenaries for Hire but I wish him the best in his life.
- I of course hung out with my dear Alura Hexcaster and Cassandra Dragonheart game time without them isn't game time.
- I got 6 new pets and with the exception of Kevin all of you start being jealous no just kidding lol

- A Malestrom Oni (51)
- A Plague Oni (51) - Special thanks to Bailey Skystaff for mixing with me :)
- A Grimtooth (49)
- A Ice Hound (52) -Special thanks to Edward Nightbreaker for mixing with me :)
- A Nightwalker (59) - Special thanks to Boltking A.K.A John from Central for mixing with me :)
Now your all probably big deal but to add the cherry on top the Ice hound gives Ice hound card and talent for Spell proof and defying same with Nightwalker on top of it also having slot for Pain giver and Death Minotaur card.
- I met some really cool fans of my comic
- I got  many crown gear drops from Lord Nightshade and gold over 100k.
- I did some Petnome project talent submitting and Talent investigations with Kevin Battleblood in Practice Pvp.
- I got to Lvl 52 in TR
- I played at the new Massively Fantasy Palace and partook in 10 practice PvP matches and won 7 of them.
- I drew -- A lot
- I went to Alia Lotuspetal's  Party and had tons of fun and hung out, sang some Neon Trees , and tried to steal Heather Raven's Black Cat pet cause I want one so badly.
- This is my 100th post btw WOOT! I suppose lol

And that's what I have been up to what have you wizards been up to lately?

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger

Monday, October 11, 2010

Celestia reveal #14

It's almost here folks look at that reveal wallpaper it's almost complete we'll be swimming with Dagroloth in no time in the Live realm.


See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger

A special gift....

           Howdy folks I am sure with all the buzz around Celestia many of you haven't noticed my posts about the comic and such. Also that Amber Deathsong Thomas and Bailey's daughter drew a special picture for me if you'd like to see it scroll down to the last story after this post. Anyway I was gonna wait to give this to Amber after I posted the last episode of FAAP (Fame at a price) but the last episode is taking awhile since it's 5 pages plus my studies and the release of Celestia in the Test realm I decided what the heck why not and so although it's for everyone to see here you go Amber! A special picture for a special fan of my comic thank you and everyone else who has stuck with the comic and......look forward to more in the future.

My scanner cut out some of the picture but it reads "To Amber deathsong from Alric Ravensinger thanks for loving the comic :]"

By the way I am sure your father will love the unicorn in there ;)


See ya folks Celestia is calling,
Alric Ravensinger :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Check this out! BIG thanks to Amber Deathsong!


       After so pet talent testing with Kevin Battleblood in Test realm I finally was able to talk to my friend and comic star Bailey Skystaff in the Pet pavilion. We had set a hatch between us between her Plague Oni and my Helion in the Live realm after our hatch which was a success just in case you are wondering Bailey mentioned her daughter Amber Deathsong drew a picture for *points to self* me! Squee! I was so flattered by it and somewhat embarrassed I didn't noticed right away that she had made the picture for me*smacks self in the face* I wanna say THANK YOU! so much Amber it is an honor it really is :) WOOT! I got a picture made just for me! No touch I bite! Nom nom nom!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The waves are crashing down on our doorstep.....Celestia is in TR (Sort of)

October Update notes

Holy man this is great although it's not out out yet in the Test Realm expect it up soon. The day is finally here and we'll begin our journey underneath the waves where the stars will shine and an ancient evil will be thwarted :D

Go! run! Silly wizards Celestia is in the Test realm!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Episode 8 and Apologies to my cameos : /

       So the final episode of Fame at a price (FAAP) is coming along great except for one thing I forgot to add the cameos yes I know I am sorry to those who "won" so to speak. I am however still plan to use ALL five cameos if you folks still wanna be in it. I plan to make one more episode but it's not really an episode more like a behind the comic special. Which will reveal many secrets behind the comic for example I had originally intended FAAP to be about a evil Fallon Shadowblade who wanted to see the end of the Ravenwood Radio crew A.K.A Stephen and Leesha but opted last minute to change it after that Advanced pets update test party.
     As for episode 8 itself it'll be 5 pages this time and will conclude the final battle between the Wiz hunters and Friendly and Bailey. Also remember this episode is dedicated to Amber Deathsong friendly's daughter and a loyal reader of my comic so look for a special picture I drew for a dear fan. Also if my followers or anyone in the blogosphere wants to know anything specific about Fame at a Price now is your chance to do so.

So send in all your questions and comments to my E-mail or hit me up on Twitter @Alricravenwiz 

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger

Monday, October 4, 2010

The debut of my wizards

 Many greetings folks I've never really mentioned this but I have 5 other wizards besides my greatest wizard -Alric Ravensinger! So unless you are on my Twitter you've had no idea I had others until now. So let me introduce to you my boys :D First though a big thanks to my dear friend Alura Hexcaster cause she helps me Level up my boys and I like to give credit where it is due! but without further ado....

 1. Alexander Ghostflame  Pyromancer, Journeyman
 2. Alric Ravensinger Balance, Grandmaster
3. Gabriel Stardreamer Conjurer, Journeyman
4. Isaac Storm Storm, Magus
5. Morgrim Shadowshade Death, Journeyman
6. Valdus Frostcloud Ice, Journeyman

There you have it all my wizards with the exception of Isaac and Alric all of them are at end of Wizard City or beginning Kokotopia so if you ever see any of these wizards be sure to say hello or possibly even add me although identify who you are cause either me or Alura Hexcaster will look at you like a crazy person when you just yell add me.

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger :D

Reminder: Ravenwood Radio Episode 26 Death Study Hall (Tuesday night not Wednesday )

That's right folks Ravenwood radio Episode 26 Death school study hall will be this TUESDAY at 8:30 PM Central time not Wednesday so bring your books and pencils and get ready for classes underneath the cool autumn sky.
See you there.