Monday, October 4, 2010

The debut of my wizards

 Many greetings folks I've never really mentioned this but I have 5 other wizards besides my greatest wizard -Alric Ravensinger! So unless you are on my Twitter you've had no idea I had others until now. So let me introduce to you my boys :D First though a big thanks to my dear friend Alura Hexcaster cause she helps me Level up my boys and I like to give credit where it is due! but without further ado....

 1. Alexander Ghostflame  Pyromancer, Journeyman
 2. Alric Ravensinger Balance, Grandmaster
3. Gabriel Stardreamer Conjurer, Journeyman
4. Isaac Storm Storm, Magus
5. Morgrim Shadowshade Death, Journeyman
6. Valdus Frostcloud Ice, Journeyman

There you have it all my wizards with the exception of Isaac and Alric all of them are at end of Wizard City or beginning Kokotopia so if you ever see any of these wizards be sure to say hello or possibly even add me although identify who you are cause either me or Alura Hexcaster will look at you like a crazy person when you just yell add me.

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger :D

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