Saturday, September 25, 2010

The time has come and I have brought the Fatesealer!....

Purreau, The cat god of hatching has decided I am a most faithful and loyal servant. He has rewarded me with a powerful ancient being of my own yes folks I am the new proud owner of a Fatesealer. I actually was blessed the same night Heather Raven mixed with Mythspent Youth and got herself one nice Wanderer gratz Heather :D. Needless to say I am happy the name is amazing I mean Fatesealer come on that's just cool and he looks like the King of the Silver Colossus hehe. His name is Baby Oilver and his Pedigree number is 53 No Epic derby skillz but that's OK he has already proven his worth in the Pet Derby (Pet PvP) and got me a shiny new Pet Knight badge and ranking. He is currently at teen level and has manifested Dead end and Add Balance WOOT! :D

See ya folks the pets are calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wanna be in my comic? Now is your chance!

I decided on the last page of the comic I will add a audience of wizards who will "watch" the final parts of Fame At A Price. I am doing this cause I want to include those loyal fans who read my comic as I often receive E-mails or Direct messages asking if I can add people to the comic. This is a race however and the first 5 people to E-mail,Tweet,or Comment here are in and no one else. Also I will need a Screen shot of your character for reference. After the five are chosen no one else can join and all entries after are null and void. Episode 8 will be the most ambitious of all my episodes and I plan to send Friendly & Bailey out with and big BANG!

(Entries closed no longer accepting congratz to the five fast enough to contact me)
-Fallon Shadowblade
-Heather Raven
-Cassandra Dragonheart
-Connor Mistblade
-Wolf Winterstaff

See ya folks the pets are calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My brand new hybrid pet - The Helion named Brady!

             So I guess random Hatchery hatching does pay off after my 5th failed hybrid attempt I finally was blessed again with a new pet a Helion named Brady and he got some nice stats. I do love Helephants and actually sort of wished for the Plague Oni hybrid you get from mixing with a Hydra but nonetheless I am happy check out his awesome pic and stats. I wish my 3rd fail attempt with Bailey Skystaff had been fruitful for both of us but again let's congratulate her and her new Plague Oni I believe whose name was Lord Gizmo although Bailey correct me if I am wrong. Three cheers for new hybrids ;D (Will update post with Plague Oni once I get with Mrs Skystaff again)

See ya the pets are calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"The Deathsong of the Wiz Hunters" Episode VIII Upcoming Inspired by Amber Deathsong and other news.

        Late Night News with Alric R.

       Late night luck folks in the very early hours of today as I was looking for a Pyromancer or Thaumaturge stormzillas tried to lead me sway me but I was saved whether it was cause of Bartleby or maybe even Bernie or Ashley my prayers were answered my friend Bailey Skystaff appeared baring gifts of gold and a Helephant. We mixed of course but unfortunately for me Purreau, The god cat of mixes was in favor of Bailey I got another hydra (Not a complete lost this one has a 54 Pedigree) but Mrs Skystaff was able to get herself a Plague Oni hybrid congratz Bailey.

         More late night goodness after I decided to farm Jade Oni me and my friends The lovely captivating and stubborn Alura Hexcaster (Balance) her baby fire wizard Jordan Duskflame and our good buddy Joshua Wyrmwraith on his alt Storm wizard Joshua Wyrmcloud promptly owned the green monster about our 6-9th Battle the Jade Oni after almost a year of stubbornness decided to give me the Jade Oni pet :D needless to say I was happy. Also Alura got lucky too at the Gurtok Demon and procured for herself an Ianthine Spectre and the title of "Minion Mistress' gratz my lovely queen you deserve it.

      Lastly but certainly the most important as I was chatting with Bailey she told me of how the Friendly Necromancer family really enjoys my comic needless to say to myself I had no idea they enjoyed it as much as they do. Especially their daughter Amber Deathsong I must admit I was extremely flattered and was blow away by what Bailey told me so the next episode is named in her honor and will be dedicated to Amber and all I can say is look for One or several cameos from Amber in the comic all this still reminds me everyday what great people make up the W101 community.

See ya the drawings are calling,
Alric Ravensinger

Monday, September 13, 2010

The long overdue but EPIC Episode 7 Fame at A Price "Return of skulls & flame" Up for viewing!

After two or so months it's finally here Episode 7 of Fame at a Price I again apologize as this episode has been done for a month or so. In my defense I also say me moving not having internet or a scanner for near 3 weeks affected it. Next episode will conclude the battle but will begin a new slightly different drawing style I have been teaching myself so look forward to that.

Episode 7 focuses on the return of our hero Thomas Lionblood to action after a slightly battle passionate Bailey makes a fateful mistake during her battle with The Wiz Hunter Spaz and his super powerful storm attacks. This episode is special and is not one page but three pages so enjoy and don't forget to comment ciao.

Click on images to enlarge.

See ya the comic lovers are chasing,
Alric Ravensinger

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Never accept a gift from a Sorceress and a Pyromancer! (Fun story)

Yeah been awhile since I posted anything good or even news - other than my pets of course which is always good news!

 :WARNING following story is a dramatization:

  I was in the Shopping District of Wizard City when I decided it was a nice day to hang out by Elik's edge Tigra my faithful hydra at my side. So for about 15 Minutes I watched the swirly sky and fed each of Tigra's heads. (Hambrosia to the storm head,Star fruit to the Fire head,and Fancy Yogurt to the Ice head if you must know :P) I decided it was time to go I beckoned Tigra and as I turned around I was face to face with two wizards. For a moment I thought I had strayed into a daydream or some heavenly illusion these weren't wizards but angels one in Grey-silver with porcelain skin the other in green and purple with alluring (no pun intended) eyes. They sat atop majestic Tigers.I in all this glory suspended in time in that moment felt something astray a cold feeling crawled it's way up my back to my neck where a choking feeling began I immediately thought of chains and shackles. They then spoke in voices like those of Sirens in the old tales of Greece "We would like to give you a gift".

          I clenched my thoughts raced back and forth "Why me?" but as I stood there trying to come up with alternatives it was plain as a Taffy storm snack I could not resist them. I accepted and they handed me a rectangular card with the strange words "Visa Pre-paid card" on it. Then they told me use this card to buy a 1 Year Subscription for Wizard101 and I did so they told me though "A warning do not look at the back of the card" my fingers crossed I said "Ok". I looked at the card again and looked back up to thank these card giving angels but to no avail they had vanished and as they had vanished any suspicions I had vanished as well. Later that evening as I slowly walked through Fairyglade Forest at my Myth manor I thought to myself why didn't they want me to look at the back of the card I debated what could be so bad and quickly decided a peek would do no harm.

       Time slowed as I was flipping the card to the back then............BOOO YAH!. Before me was not two angels but two mighty lamias one bearing the power of Balance the other of Fire. They wrapped their golden scaled serpentine bodies around me and hissed their voices like banshees "We told you not to look at the back of the card!!!". In a terrified voice I replied "I'm sorry please forgive me I..." but the Balance one cut across "You hush you foolish boy! we told you not to now you will be enslaved for as long as your bear the subscription for one year on Wizard101!!" "Please no I don't want to I don't want it here take it back!" the balance one choked a raspy sinister laugh "It's mot negotiable boy you are ours for one year muahahaha!" before I could scream golden cold scales covered my head and I knew nothing more. I woke up I felt good albeit a little frightened "It was all a dream a silly dream" A cold voice said "What's a dream love?" I looked a slightly serpent-like face with purple eyes stared back at me. Immediately I realized I was chained and shackled in a dungeon two voices in the darkness laughed I could only scream. "You are ours for one year" my last thought.

O.O Wasn't that crazy yo lol. All fantasy aside my crazy girls Cassandra Dragonheart and Alura Hexcaster went and secretly got me a Pre-paid Visa with enough money to get me a 1 year subscription and I even got some spare dough on it. With that new subscription also comes Open chat which I'm happy to say I got now :D.  Apparently they had planned this cause they got tired of waiting for me to do it Sigh women and their impaitentness :P All jokes aside too I appreciate it girls and you both know how much I care so much in fact I am posting it on me blog for everyone too see and be green with envy cause of the awesome friends I got. Jk lol So now I'm all grown up :D. You ladies think I am prisoner but we'll just have to see about that Muahahaha.

See ya folks my girls are calling,
A loved Alric Ravensinger

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two rings for the king and queen under the snowy sky! (Briskbreeze success!)

     Yesterday me and my girls (Cassandra Dragonheart + SorceressMiklai as her Ice alt Sabrina Frostshard) along with Kenneth Stormtamer scaled the Briskbreeze tower in an attempt to pluck our rings from Orrick's deathly hand. The fight was formidable Orrick had many tricks up his tattered sleeves but unfortunately for him I had two ancient powers on my side along with a mighty strong diviner. As being Mercenaries Cass and Alura (Miklai) have faced off against this sinister foe many times over and have mastered the art of taking down guardnapping wraiths. In the end we prevailed with the might of Talos and the hunter's skill of Hircine. It only took us bout 3 runs for both me and Sabrina to get our respective rings The Jewel of Nulification and The Ring of Winterbite. Although on our first run Orrick in his defeat gave me Sabrina's ring to which she promptly accused me of stealing it and brought up old stuff about my apparent skill for getting her items from bosses. Sigh Women!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I claim thee as my companion the mightiest of the Unicorn race - The Grove Unicorn

Despite friendly's obvious favoritism of Unicorns especially Death Unicorns I have obtained the true lord of horses the Grove Unicorn. Special thanks to my good friend and fellow member of B.A.C.K Kevin Battleblood for providing one of his Super pig pets for this hatch. I couldn't be more pleased with the results Miss dexter inherited Spell proof as a possible talent and still kept a rare talent hopefully something like Life giver or proof would be nice :). Anyway I was thinking of a name change what do you folks think?

In other pet news it's been awhile since I posted about Mister Roxy the Fatezilla I obtained some time ago while here is a update he is Ancient and on his way to EPIC and has garnered some impressive mixed stats check it out!
See folks you don't always need a high pedigree pet for a good pet look at Mister Roxy he only has a 46 Pedigree and look at those decent stats. Balance-It is at 4% Pip O plenty at 4% and Storm giver at 6%. So folks my question is to you what pet do you own has nice stats and has a Pedigree under 50.

See ya folks the pets are a calling,
Alric Ravensinger