Fame at a Price Comic

Fame at a Price Comic focuses on Thomas Lionblood who has been captured by the evil collection team called The Wiz Hunters. Bailey Skystaff his wife and her attempt to rescue her beloved husband from the group. Increasingly the story has taken a more serious tone and shows the layers people in the limelight face. What would you do if you were famous? At what price are you willing to pay to have it?
Status: Comic completed.

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Fame at a Price 2
Thomas after the events of Fame at a Price 1 contemplates taking a hiatus to hang out with some friends little does he know Spaz is on a revenge plot to get the Friendly Necromancer. This time around Spaz is prepared and along with a new villain has amassed a great army of wizards to combat Friendly and the Wizarding community. Who will win? What secrets will be revealed? At what cost will Spaz take to be the most know wizard of all time?
Status: Who knows? Not even Alric does!

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