Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coming up...

I will do a part II of The Tri-Harvest Festival and I will just basically show off my haul for two days of farming :)
I will also do a new Pet Info
and I will give you guys more details on a contest I just joined ;) its a secret for now.

Report: The Tri-Harvest Festival

Ok fellow wizards for those who didn't know Christo Deathgiver who runs The Mercenaries for Hire on W101 Central organized an event that took place yesterday and today well I was there both days and It has been fun and still is so basically everyone is helping everyone farm for their Grand gear what do I have to say for hours of farming that I FINALLY got my Kraysys Hood of The Hidden Heck ya!! and I even managed to steal another pair of Grand balance boots from Brianna Mooncloud ;) Thanks Brianna lol oh right another plus and reason you should go is you can make friends like I did I made two cool new friends a Male wizard named Rogan Bluebreeze who has an awesome Casa to boot,and a feisty albeit funny Female Wizard named Brianna Mooncloud :) So whats the point to all this go and have fun cooperate with others and even make friends and for those who like to hunt down the Famous of Wizard101 you might be lucky and catch Christo checking out the scene! Happy Farming!!
Oh btw for your viewing pleasure Screenshots from the Event :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

So Wizards.....

I forgot to mention something in the Importance of Reagents post that you can get Reagents when you fight creatures and bosses as well it will most likely be Leather Straps or Spider Silk anyway this isn't what this post is about its about your besties who are your best est friends on W101?

Mine fall to around 2-3 People

First off is my buddy Matthew Ravenbane (Grandmaster Diviner) he would always have my back and I his we talk about random life stuff while battling which is always fun point is whenever I needed help the dude was there I wish he was here now I haven't seen him on W101 in about 2 months maybe more comeback buddy!!!

Second I would have to say is my dear friend Grace Souldust (Grandmaster Theurgist) I have been friends with Grace for a long time almost as long as I have been playing W101 she befriended me when I was a lowly Apprentice (Yup she was already a Grand) how many people can you say aren't bothered by the Novice pleading for you grands to become their friends.Anyway she like Matthew are always ready to help me and others and for that she is Uber-awesome!!

Third is my Death Partner-In-Crime Caleb DeathStalker (Grandmaster Necromancer) this dude is always ready to do Malistaire or anyone with me sometimes I barge in on his battles but he never minds he is a good battling buddy and we constantly back each other up in battle (God I love The Blades and Hexes) though I think we are in mutual agreement that we absolutely hate Tumok Gravelbeard :)

Finally I just wanted to say I thank you all for being my friends you guys are awesome and I wish I could give you all the most Epic everything for W101 but for now my friendship will have to do.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Few things I'm proud of....

So in case no one noticed as I talk to myself I am very proud of a few things
1st. is my Balance house and Myth house
2nd..Is my Pet collection. 
3rd. Is the 5,000 crowns I received for winning the Facebook Housing contest-Dorm Category
So I ask this to anyone in the abyss what are the few things you are proud of?

My winning Dorm back from November 2009!

What are these amazing things? Oh they are Reagents!

So today I wanted to discuss the importance of Reagents!
Ah those wonderful reagents most think of them as nothing more then way to get those crafting badges but my friends these ingredients which can be found all over The Spiral are more useful than you think.
Take for example those very cool looking Pedestals in Firecat Alley OMG you are thinking I must get those what creature drops these? Well sorry to disappoint but no creature or boss drops that pedestal known as a Carved Stone Pedestal. It can only be crafted and what do you need to craft it? What's that you say Maximus my Minotaur? Yes crafting items requires Reagents! you are most certainly correct.
See my friends we have already found a useful think for Reagents outside those tedious quests for the Badges.
Another useful thing for those fantastic reagents is you can craft Athames,Rings,Hats,Robes,Shoes,and pets Oops my bad you can't craft pets with reagents that is just wrong.
See fellow wizards you can craft almost anything.

But Mr. Ravensinger how do you find reagents?
Reagents can be found everywhere in The Spiral you just have to keep an eye out for them and remember some reagents are found only in certain worlds for example the rare Black Lotus is only found in certain areas of Mooshu unless you can transmute Black lotus.

 Mr.Ravensinger how do you transmute?
You transmute by buying the recipe and using the appropriate ingredients you can buy Transmute recipes from recipe vendors and remember before you can craft anything you'll need to buy the recipe.

 Rare Reagents
 Common Reagents
Now to conclude this you might wonder about rarities of reagents and unfortunately yes there are rare reagents that are harvested the same time as regular reagents what I mean is there is a chance when you harvest that Stone Block reagent in  Krokotopia there is a chance you'll get a rare harvest reagent in the form of a Fossil reagent which are normally hard to come by but remember every time you see a reagent pick it up cause it will be useful in the future. Happy Farming!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pet Info-Grumpy Snowman

So I farmed for the Grumpy Snowman today in Knight's Court from Jacques the Scratcher here is info about it

-They obviously changed his name its no longer Malign Frost
-They also changed the error the earlier versions had of showing that it gives 0 Evil Snowman card
-This version does give 1 Evil Snowman card
-It also is a No Auction pet so you can't sell it to the Bazaar

I personally am very happy I got this pet I farmed Jacques for almost a week and I was fruitless until today Jacques can be a very stubborn boss when it comes to pets I got 3 Ornate Wall Clocks(A Crowns housing Item) before I got this pet but hey the Storm and Fire equipment he drops can bring in good amounts of cash when in bulk amounts so I say to you wizards out there Persistence is key unless your are lucky of course. Happy farming!

I made a Blog

Yay! I made a blog finally now I have somewhere to continue my Wizard101 adventures besides wizard101 Central I hope to have fun here and make a whole bunch of new friends look for Alric Ravensinger Lv50 Balance Grandmaster Sorcerer and Valerian Myth Lv6 Conjurer! Happy Farming!!!