Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pet Info-Grumpy Snowman

So I farmed for the Grumpy Snowman today in Knight's Court from Jacques the Scratcher here is info about it

-They obviously changed his name its no longer Malign Frost
-They also changed the error the earlier versions had of showing that it gives 0 Evil Snowman card
-This version does give 1 Evil Snowman card
-It also is a No Auction pet so you can't sell it to the Bazaar

I personally am very happy I got this pet I farmed Jacques for almost a week and I was fruitless until today Jacques can be a very stubborn boss when it comes to pets I got 3 Ornate Wall Clocks(A Crowns housing Item) before I got this pet but hey the Storm and Fire equipment he drops can bring in good amounts of cash when in bulk amounts so I say to you wizards out there Persistence is key unless your are lucky of course. Happy farming!

1 comment:

  1. This kinda makes me not want to give up, saying that you said hes stubborn-and he is! I have been farming him all day and have gotten some crown furniture items, and his fire shoes. I'm not giving up though, I'm getting my snowman!