Sunday, April 25, 2010

Report: The Tri-Harvest Festival

Ok fellow wizards for those who didn't know Christo Deathgiver who runs The Mercenaries for Hire on W101 Central organized an event that took place yesterday and today well I was there both days and It has been fun and still is so basically everyone is helping everyone farm for their Grand gear what do I have to say for hours of farming that I FINALLY got my Kraysys Hood of The Hidden Heck ya!! and I even managed to steal another pair of Grand balance boots from Brianna Mooncloud ;) Thanks Brianna lol oh right another plus and reason you should go is you can make friends like I did I made two cool new friends a Male wizard named Rogan Bluebreeze who has an awesome Casa to boot,and a feisty albeit funny Female Wizard named Brianna Mooncloud :) So whats the point to all this go and have fun cooperate with others and even make friends and for those who like to hunt down the Famous of Wizard101 you might be lucky and catch Christo checking out the scene! Happy Farming!!
Oh btw for your viewing pleasure Screenshots from the Event :)

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