Monday, April 19, 2010

So Wizards.....

I forgot to mention something in the Importance of Reagents post that you can get Reagents when you fight creatures and bosses as well it will most likely be Leather Straps or Spider Silk anyway this isn't what this post is about its about your besties who are your best est friends on W101?

Mine fall to around 2-3 People

First off is my buddy Matthew Ravenbane (Grandmaster Diviner) he would always have my back and I his we talk about random life stuff while battling which is always fun point is whenever I needed help the dude was there I wish he was here now I haven't seen him on W101 in about 2 months maybe more comeback buddy!!!

Second I would have to say is my dear friend Grace Souldust (Grandmaster Theurgist) I have been friends with Grace for a long time almost as long as I have been playing W101 she befriended me when I was a lowly Apprentice (Yup she was already a Grand) how many people can you say aren't bothered by the Novice pleading for you grands to become their friends.Anyway she like Matthew are always ready to help me and others and for that she is Uber-awesome!!

Third is my Death Partner-In-Crime Caleb DeathStalker (Grandmaster Necromancer) this dude is always ready to do Malistaire or anyone with me sometimes I barge in on his battles but he never minds he is a good battling buddy and we constantly back each other up in battle (God I love The Blades and Hexes) though I think we are in mutual agreement that we absolutely hate Tumok Gravelbeard :)

Finally I just wanted to say I thank you all for being my friends you guys are awesome and I wish I could give you all the most Epic everything for W101 but for now my friendship will have to do.

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