Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Halloween but it feels like it's Easter and X-mas....


      Dead leaves are lay on the ground wizards are about searching for pumpkins and ghosts some something more. But this wizard has been on hatching frenzy I feel as if I am in the same league as Dr. Purreau now. I even have been accused by Arlen Dawneyes from Twoheadedwiz that I am part of some hatching clan with my peeps Kevin Battleblood . But besides that accusation which I can't deny nor acknowledge (We are a secret group ;) J/k Lol  ) I have some great friends in The Spiral.  
      My dear friend and comic co-star Bailey Skystaff gave me a MEGA snack pack I was very surprised when I logged into Alric and saw a Gift icon. Before that though my sweet,dear friend Alura Hexcaster gave me a gift card worth 5,000 crowns which I was promptly given instructions by her to buy that Black Cat pet I always wanted thanks dear you are the best and you know it! Finally my good friend Luke Goldhorn over at The Pyromancer's Digest was helping my storm wizard Isaac in Hametsu village when he noticed Isaac wasn't up to date on his gear and gave me a Phosphorescent Maul for Isaac thanks a ton all of you I feel so special like I matter :) as weird as that sounds cause I know I do--to someone anyways =P

    Now back to the pets! With a little help from my friends *cough* Kevin *cough* I made a new friend and farming buddy named Lauren Ironbane who has a pet I have sought and coveted for over a year now yep that's right you guessed it THE SPIDER GOLEM! Lauren was kind enough to mix with my Nightwalker Shadow A.K.A Nightwalker #1 and............O: I got the Spider golem! Holy snapple! FINALLY! Thanks Lauren thank you so much!

    In other news of pet hatching business my Ice hound and Nightwalker #1 (I have 3 now) are both adult and have some pretty decent stats unfortunately for now I only have picture of my Ice hound at teen.My aforementioned Black Cat pet is at teen now and manifested Curse giver! :D now to work on my Pale Maiden I won from The Dean in The Labyrinth!

EDIT: I am a total goof ball! Also in other news my dear friend Cassandra Dragonheart A.K.A Tia! got Warlord rank in PvP congratulations Tia your a battling beast!

You can read about it and her other PvP adventures on her blog From The Heart of a Dragon

Thank all of you who read my blog and cheers,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Awesome :) waits for the spider golem to be mine? Yes again a year with out my spider :(.

    Awesome post and congrats :D

  2. What a great week in the spiral! Don't you just love that feeling?

    Enjoy, and maybe even pay it forward a bit. ;-)