Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whirlwind of adventure.

Yep silly me I have so much fun in game sometimes I forget to post about this amazin' game. So instead of doing separate posts let's do a run down of the last week.

( No order or rhythm just listed)

-Hung out with Luke Goldhorn and Isaac Mistheart at Luke's Storm/CL house.
-Hung out with Kevin Battleblood cause he is my peeps and cause he's fun to farm with, and is my mentor in everything pets, AND is really insightful person to talk about IRL stuff so yeah.
- Got sad cause Christo Deathgiver left the Mercenaries for Hire but I wish him the best in his life.
- I of course hung out with my dear Alura Hexcaster and Cassandra Dragonheart game time without them isn't game time.
- I got 6 new pets and with the exception of Kevin all of you start being jealous no just kidding lol

- A Malestrom Oni (51)
- A Plague Oni (51) - Special thanks to Bailey Skystaff for mixing with me :)
- A Grimtooth (49)
- A Ice Hound (52) -Special thanks to Edward Nightbreaker for mixing with me :)
- A Nightwalker (59) - Special thanks to Boltking A.K.A John from Central for mixing with me :)
Now your all probably big deal but to add the cherry on top the Ice hound gives Ice hound card and talent for Spell proof and defying same with Nightwalker on top of it also having slot for Pain giver and Death Minotaur card.
- I met some really cool fans of my comic
- I got  many crown gear drops from Lord Nightshade and gold over 100k.
- I did some Petnome project talent submitting and Talent investigations with Kevin Battleblood in Practice Pvp.
- I got to Lvl 52 in TR
- I played at the new Massively Fantasy Palace and partook in 10 practice PvP matches and won 7 of them.
- I drew -- A lot
- I went to Alia Lotuspetal's  Party and had tons of fun and hung out, sang some Neon Trees , and tried to steal Heather Raven's Black Cat pet cause I want one so badly.
- This is my 100th post btw WOOT! I suppose lol

And that's what I have been up to what have you wizards been up to lately?

See ya folks,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. It's always awesome to hang out with you Alric! :) glad to hear that you've been having an awesome past few days! :) I'm on a mission to get the best defender pig, so let me know if you ever want to mix!

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  3. Great Post and Gratz on the Hybrids! :D
    Good luck with the rest. :P
    ~Isaac Mistheart

    (P.S. I do have a blog- thatpyromancer)