Monday, November 1, 2010

Dear Readers......Celestia is EPIC!

So some of you might be wondering what happened to me. After Celestia was launched the only place I was active was on Twitter and In the Spiral. Well that's it after Celestia was launched I went jamming first with my dear Alura Hexcaster and her alt Jordan Duskflame then mostly by myself. Last night I finished the Crustacean Empire with the help of Bailey Skystaff and Destiny Mistshard and hit Lvl 60 yes that's right I am Alric Ravensinger Legendary Sorcerer.
A special thanks to these people though who helped me some along the way.

- Lauren Ironbane
- Luke Goldhorn
- Talon Skysinger
- Bailey Skystaff
- Destiny Mistshard

I also did some farming with my pet buddy Edward Nightbreaker and won a Sea Dragon from Astraeus which just hatched 30 minutes ago from the time of this post. So go farm Astraeus now!
I also wanna thank my peeps Kevin Battleblood and Fallon Soul ( @ScarznStripez on Twitter) for helping me get my best Balance Athame from the Stormriven bosses. Kevin himself got a nice prize from Cuthalla (I call him Dagroloth still) a Spinyfish pet!

So how far along are you wizards? I am currently in the Solar District then I assume the Trial of Spheres.


  1. Lol, I'm still in the Floating Land! xD but don't worry, I will catch up on Thursday and Friday definitely!! :D Thanks for the mention, you are super awesome!

  2. @Matthew Astraeus is the first boss you fight in The Trial of Spheres

  3. Currently.. I'm level 52 and I haven't even made it in to the Stellarium yet! I have the quest though finally, just haven't headed in. Still need Shark Teeth for another quest. My goodness, how many times I have fought 4 sharks and received NO teeth! So grinding, I'm going to be pulling my own teeth out soon enough if I don't get theirs. :D Lol. Congrats on making Legendary.

  4. OMG when i saw the words last night i thought you were gonna tell us about the party!
    (dont remember "it might cause a revolution)
    so plz dont post it in the future XD!

  5. I'm level 51 and in the Stellarium. :)

  6. I can't wait to see Fame at a Price VIII! Are you done with Celestia yet? hehe!

  7. Awesome post :) Congrats on 60

    I am running another through :)
    Cannot wait to get to level 58 on all schools.