Monday, November 8, 2010

I proved my light was brigther....I charmed my way to victory...and the clouds parted with the coming of the true sun god!

Yeah yeah I know title is sort of Eh. It is however what I have been doing for the most part farming for my Lvl 58 Gear the "best" versions available. I have had much fun and gotten my Lvl 58 hat and boots but that pesky Mithraya refuses to give me my United Longcoat. She will tremble soon though at the ancient power of Ra and give me my robe after all he wasn't called the Balancer for no reason. I also as you all know if you read my blog I have been hatching and have obtained a Krokotillian (62), a Inferno Hound (60)13, and finally a Ice Oni (63)11 in the past week.

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