Saturday, October 9, 2010

Check this out! BIG thanks to Amber Deathsong!


       After so pet talent testing with Kevin Battleblood in Test realm I finally was able to talk to my friend and comic star Bailey Skystaff in the Pet pavilion. We had set a hatch between us between her Plague Oni and my Helion in the Live realm after our hatch which was a success just in case you are wondering Bailey mentioned her daughter Amber Deathsong drew a picture for *points to self* me! Squee! I was so flattered by it and somewhat embarrassed I didn't noticed right away that she had made the picture for me*smacks self in the face* I wanna say THANK YOU! so much Amber it is an honor it really is :) WOOT! I got a picture made just for me! No touch I bite! Nom nom nom!

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