Monday, October 11, 2010

A special gift....

           Howdy folks I am sure with all the buzz around Celestia many of you haven't noticed my posts about the comic and such. Also that Amber Deathsong Thomas and Bailey's daughter drew a special picture for me if you'd like to see it scroll down to the last story after this post. Anyway I was gonna wait to give this to Amber after I posted the last episode of FAAP (Fame at a price) but the last episode is taking awhile since it's 5 pages plus my studies and the release of Celestia in the Test realm I decided what the heck why not and so although it's for everyone to see here you go Amber! A special picture for a special fan of my comic thank you and everyone else who has stuck with the comic and......look forward to more in the future.

My scanner cut out some of the picture but it reads "To Amber deathsong from Alric Ravensinger thanks for loving the comic :]"

By the way I am sure your father will love the unicorn in there ;)


See ya folks Celestia is calling,
Alric Ravensinger :)


  1. wow quite impressive

  2. Thank you :) look forward to more when I release Episode 8 of my comic.

  3. thanks I love my drawing!
    - amber death song