Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh no! The Shadow Weavers are bugged.

That's right everyone the bugs are bugged. There have been reports (Some I have personally witnessed) when you fight the Shadow Weavers in The Crucible instance to get to Vesna Shadowscar that after you defeat the 4 Shadow weaver minions it says you need to defeat them again. This of course will cause a minor inconvenience for some as you'll most likely have to fight them again to further in this particular part of the quest. Just make sure you report the bug to KI and provide as much detail as possible and remember to be safe and wary.
Happy Farming!!!


  1. That bug happened to me, and also a bug in the mooshu boss, where after I defeated him, every few seconds I would be pulled into a battle against nothing.

  2. Oh man I forgot about the Mooshu bug that happened to me too.

  3. I: I had that too, it turned out that I hadn't got Vesna's chat and it still said locate Vesna after I beat the Weavers. So I did it twice :P. Btw this is Arlen, I friended you at the RR After-party and the link to my blog is:, check it out!