Sunday, June 20, 2010

Remembering the past and looking toward the future.

So I watched Toy Story 3 on friday and was really moved by the movie. Basically Andy is all grown up now and has forgotten about good ole Woody and the gang. Without ruining the movie for you folks i'll just say the movie ends on a good note but also leaves a sad impression on you especially those who grew up with the series like myself. But that's not what this is about its about growing up and how we forget the things and people who once made us happy. I just want to tell you all to never forget those things even in a game like Wizard101 where having the best gear has replaced things like having an item cause you obtained it with a dear friend. The same goes for people I have seen it myself deleting true friends for a game figure. I myself have been caught in this vicious cycle of popular trending. So I say to all you know never forget those things once upon a time we were all novice wizards and had friends who we quested with in Wizard City. Never forget them they are our true friends. Happy Farming!!!

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