Saturday, June 19, 2010

Comic/Site News:Fame At a Price II Postponed Indefinately

I have decided to postpone Fame At a Price II which would have starred Leesha Darkheart and Stephen Spiritcaller indefinably. After the The Friendly Necromancer Arch is concluded which will be soon. As you may know Friendly's arch is Season I and after it I've decided I want to start something different now so I after a few days of debating have found what I wanted to write about as many of you know yesterday I and Friendly posted (and probably many other sites and blogs) posted about the Celestia hints from Beckett Pokemon Issue #127 I have decided to write a Fan fiction of sorts about a Mercenary who is hired to accompany a Marleybonian Team to an alternate excavation site The Marleybonian team and this Mercenary soon discovers a lost and forgotten temple they begin to unravel its secrets and soon find out some things were better left forgotten.

I will probably spend awhile writing up the first parts so don't expect this for awhile but soon I'll start to introduce characters from the story.

So for now I introduce the title of this story

The Forgotten Army 


  1. OK Alric, Dear, sweetie-pie, honey-bunch. You have aroused my curiousity. Who is this mercenary you doth speaketh of in your fair story? Perhaps it is someone I know? A male or female(preferably female) companion you travel the spiral with? Or is it a figment of your imagination? Oh well I look forward to reading your story, nevertheless.

  2. Oh well I can't just say who it is can I? Even you will have to wait and see hone :)
    I will let you know though that this Mercenary is Male so sorry maybe a girl some other time.