Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing the Crab Gang and A very tasty Meal :)

So today I hooked up with two lovely ladies you might know them one is my best friend Grace Souldust the other is the Newest member of The Mercenaries 4 Hire and a dear friend Alura Hexcaster. Today after many insults from Alura and Girl Power attacks from both of them we managed to Farm the Crazy forest spirit for the Crabling as many of you might not know me and Grace got ours days ago today was all about Alura getting hers and after about 45 minutes - 1 hour  Bosco was born and so was the aptly named Crab Gang Its leader of course is me (Alura and Grace are too loppy for the job) all in all though congrats Alura my dear friend. Now we all have Crabs YAY! This screen shot was also taken at my new storm house which I purchased that very same battle Alura won her Crabling I finally got 100,00 Gold :)

Shelby was mad that I took her from her man Bosco and nipped me on my backside that kinda pet disobedience doesn't fly with me so I had to do it................Into the Fire ya go baby Yummy Crab Meat hehe.
Happy Farming!!!


  1. O: Don't cook the crab!
    Be grateful that you have one!

  2. It taste so yummy though with lemon and butter. :)

  3. No lemon! When will you learn Alric? Lol

  4. Sue? Hmm I am guessing this is one of my ladies and I only have four ( Grace,Rowan,Alura and Cassandra) so which one are you?