Sunday, June 6, 2010

The many Pets of Alric R. plus hanging out with The Pet Master.

So last night I got together with Connor Mistblade you might know who he is as the new apprentice of our beloved Pet Master Connor might answer to the name of Pet Keeper anyhow I decided to help ole Connor farm for the Crabling Pet everyone is dying to get I was lucky to get another Crabling while our guests Connor and The Pet Master who ported to our farming a little later were still unsuccessful all in all though I believe we had a good night. I saw Connor's house and both got to see my UBER Balance house. While Edward (The Pet Master) got a little extra treat and saw my storm house which I'll be using for just my pets. Oh and one more reminder to myself anyway Pet Master sorry for leaving we'll have to check out hatching prices some other time :) Happy Farming!!!

In this pic are some of the fifty pets I have out here I plan on making this outside just for pets.

Me and The Pet Master at my Casa!!!

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