Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh my Lady Luna!

Today I decided to take a break from leveling up Isaac Storm My storm wizard for some well deserved training for Lady Luna (Who saved my tush more then once against the Death bosses of Wizard City) and just some fun for myself 35-40 Minutes later She went up from sweet new to the world Luna to I think I know everything and will live forever Teen Luna both though are in my favor as I unlocked an awesome Derby skill and neat Talent.

Perfection!!! What can I say Lol.
Slick-N-Slide Oh my!
Now I need a Talent where I'm immune to Debuffs and Lady Luna will be perfect for the Pet Derby. :)
Added Accuracy to Life spells is nice now I won't have to worry about the 5% chance my Treasure Centaur will fizzled in a tough situation Life wizards know what I'm talking about that one time you need your Centaur to hit and you know it will and BANG Fizzle just right when you wanted to do that Uber awesome hit against Malistaire.

Happy Farming!!!