Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oni out! and Dragonspyre in!

  In the peak hours of the Pacific Standard Time morning hours I completed Mooshu on my Storm wizard Isaac  with Alura Hexcaster and her Ice alt Bailey Icecaster who helped me power through the final areas needless to say it took forever to FINALLY get out but hey I did it! So now with me being ready for Dragonspyre I am tag teaming with Alura's alt Bailey so we can thrash Dragonspyre and head onto Celestia! Bailey is at Lvl 43 and Myself at Lvl 44 with 3-ish bars till Lvl 45 and new gear! Mooshu was fun but time to move on I of course screenshot our progress through Tree of Life and the Jade Oni fight! Enjoy!

 All three of the Akuji we fought couldn't take the awesome storm power thrice they fall!
 Some Harry Potter talk as I claimed victory over Youkai and got a Minotaur pet as an added Bonus!

Death no more Oni savagely soaked by my Tempest attack woot!
Jade Oni as you see was the strongest but he was no match for my Triton!
Cyrus had some tricks up his sleeve but in the end he succumbed to me as well BUT he gave me some trouble so kudos to you Cyrus!

See ya folks there is a wizard to manage in DS,
Alric Ravensinger

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  1. Oh my gosh! I finished Mooshu with my death girl last night too! O.o