Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stars twinkling,snow in the air, Love in our hearts, and Cocoa in our tummies.


    The bitter cold has has extended it's grasp all across the US worse than a dementor's kiss or the great plague of Gondor but in The Spiral friendships are formed, bonds of love strengthened, and Little blue elves are running a muck! Yes yes my dear friends December is here along with it brings the Ice elf pet and hopefully for you lovers some smooching under the mistletoe! No just kidding! Nonetheless yes the Ice elf pet is back and can be redeemed if you are one of the lucky people given a gift certificate. I like my buddy Kevin Battleblood am a fortuitous recipient of one of these pets yes that's right you guessed it my lovely Alura Hexcaster gave me a certificate as a gift unfortunately for her she didn't realize I love to give gifts back in excess hehehe. So 5 minutes later Baby Missy is born I have yet to begun training the little fellow but you can bet your candy canes and Frostman pets I will soon!

    All this giving and loving however has made me want to do so in return unfortunately I am requiring you do a bit of work for your gifts and so it begins I am opening 2 contests on my blog the prizes aren't big they are modest but the point of it is as being an player I have seen my fair share of giving and getting. Also however as an Artist I wanna see your inspirations and ability to create.

Contest 1 - Give me joy! Give me snacks!

 Grand prize winner will get a Snack Pack and Energy Elixir!
 1 second prize winner will get a Snack pack!
All you have to do for this contest is simply follow me ( If you aren't already) and post a comment on this post!
 I will choose the winners for this contest via

Contest 2 - Meet your merry doom pest!
One grand prize winner will get 2 Moolinda's Green thumb pack!
This contest requires some creativity on your part I want for you to create a plant you'd want in the game as part of the new gardening system it can be done any way GIMP, hand drawn, Paint, Oekaki, etc and submit it to my E-mail with the subject line "Plant creation" I will with possibly some help judge the pictures according to originality creativity line work etc.(Prize will be given out when Gardening becomes live)

Dead line for both contests is December 26th, 2010 12:00 PM PST

See ya folks time for the challenge to begin,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Congrats on the Ice Elf! He's so cute! :D
    (Enters the first contest) :)

  2. Congrats, that ice elf is one cool pet!!!

    Please enter me!

    Christo Skywalker

  3. Gratz on thy ice elf :)

    I'll be in Contest 1: The Movie

  4. I am in! On the 1st contest here :D