Sunday, November 28, 2010

Test realm training and Live realm leveling!


    So, you who read my blog and play with me in game might just might have wondered where I crookshanks I went? Well I can say I STILL have no internet at my house and my parental duties as being a uncle/father like-ish figure to my nieces and nephews prevented me from seeing The Spiral. It's been a long week of deprivation but I am back for now to play and play hard. I'd like to extend a big thank you and heck I'll even bow to the lovely Alura Hexcaster who kept me in touch with the wizarding world via Phone,Yahoo Messenger,and Twitter! Not to mention she willingly train some of my pets in the TR a tedious task no doubt especially for someone who has a great disdain for training.

   It seems though I wasn't the only one out of commission seems like my mentor and good friend Kevin Battleblood had some Computer woes himself but is back in action now! Woot! Shockingly for those who know me well I did NOT opt to train my pets as soon as I logged in I decided instead to start leveling up my Storm wizard Isaac Storm who is in dire need of getting his wizard booty to DS and CL. He has been held up by none other than ALURA HEXCASTER! No no just kidding lol. I am the one to be blame for this my lack of enthusiasm in questing dealt a deathly blow and I never mind training a pet so it slowly put a kaput to leveling I can say though that today my Storm wizard Isaac Storm is Lvl 42 and got his Stormzilla spell! He is currently in the Ancient Burial Grounds and on his way to Death no Oni then Jade no Oni! Wish me luck folks and hope to see you all ITS!

See you folks a storm is about to hit the spiral,
Alric Ravensinger


  1. Isaac was held up by the same Alura HexCaster that has been prodding you to level Isaac so you would have another wizard in your ranks beside Alric?!! HMPH That is too funny LOL :)

  2. Wow! I have never trained a pet to epic and am somewhat floored that you do it so frequently. You got some rank 20 pet snacks or something? :-)

  3. Hahaha, no I don't just persistence and a awesome woman who helps me along the way.
    You gotta enjoy it and attempt to NOT see it as a chore.