Thursday, November 18, 2010

Petnome and Contest stuff!

First off, I'd like to congratulate the Petnome team for making it onto Wizard101's official fansite page! Gratz to all those in the community as well who submitted talents and continue to help uncover and unlock the potential each pet has! Bravo! Remember if you ever need info on pet talents be sure to check out the site which gives comprehensive data for each pet as the community and the petnome team unlock each pet's talent pool.

In other pet related news the Facebook contest Wizard101 is having is ending in 10 days! Be sure to like their page and to get everyone you know to like it as well. The goal this time is 128,000 fans by November, 28th and EVERYONE will get a mystery pet this contest is like the one for the Danger Hound but much easier in my opinion so get everyone to become a fan we are currently at 112,377 fans so close!

See ya folks pet training is calling,

Alric Ravensinger


  1. Myself and my friend still have yet to receive the danger hound pet, via the fb promotion thing. We got all our friends to be fans, and even my sister who plays, and she got it, but we never received the code for it. Didn't realize it either because we had lost the net around the time they gave the codes out, and thus we forgot about it. Until we saw my sister with hers on (btw we don't live in the same state) and we were like, hey, what happened to ours? And she said that she got the code in an email. But we never did. Really disappointed with missing out on that pet. >.<

  2. Have you sent a complaint to KI? They could have misplaced it. Also, are you a member on Central you had to be a member at the time of the Promotion.

  3. Yes, we've both been members at the central for over a year. Never thought to send in a complaint, because like I said, we didn't realize it until about 2 months after they supposedly sent out the emails.

  4. Might not be a bad idea to at least see if you can get the pet.